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iHerb - Order fulfillment

I have placed four orders with iherb for the same product over the past three weeks. My credit card has been charged (and credited back) several times and yet the product still does not ship. I have been offered "overnight shipping" twice for my inconvenience and still no order has shipped!?!?! What the heck kind of unorganized business are these people running?!

To make matters worse, this company does not offer competent customer support. The only"customer service" option is ineffective chat / email communication.

I would not recommend this company!

Desired outcome: Receipt of my order

iHerb - I have paid for the products on 21st september and now I am still waiting

Have you sent it to Fascist China or Australia?
You are a reputable company??? Pigs [censored]en arse
If I do not receive my products within 3 working days I want my Money back asap
Your conduct is despicably verging as common theft, that will be the caption on Facebook world-wide
Repugnant rejects do not blame it on COVID 19, as a Parcell from India arrives 7 days the most

iHerb - only one package lost in 11 years

I just googled "lost package from Iherb" to take me to this site. I want to comment about the complaints below - they are NOT a scam site. I've ordered over $1, 100 of items from them since 2010 and they have great shipping times, prices, and customer service.

This is the very first time I had an issue with a package not arriving and when I contacted them, they asked if I wanted a refund or the items reshipped without a huge ordeal. You'll be missing out if you pass them up. I see some people are in other countries that complained. I am in the US. Maybe a different story for elsewhere?

Desired outcome: Happy with resolution from company

iHerb - Order no# [protected]

I made a supplement order to Egypt, before receiving I was shocked to find customs on my order reaching to double its value. I wasn't informed nor warned or even noted by IHERB about the existence of...

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iHerb - [protected]

I am waiting for my order since three weeks and now results that it arrived to me, instead is iherb only kidding me. I cannot contact the german customer service, it has a permanently error to send the email, there is no telefon number, no privat email, neither the american one, the telefon customer service is also not available and they don´t answer the email I sent. I heard, a lot of german customers were kidded by I herb so don´t use this [censored]!

Nov 26, 2019

iHerb - my order cancelled and no notification about this

Hi all,
I've ordered 3 items of Weleda: Renewing Day Cream, Renewing Night Cream and Awakening Eye cream.

My order had been confirmed and estimated delivery dates were: 11-18 in November, 2019.
However my order had been cancelled or just forgotten, I even have not got any notification about. Also, my account got deactivated for some reason.

Currently the support team sends me apologies and informs about their internal process of Verification/Management review - what I'm supposed to do with this info?
I use the creams daily, of course I can purchase them in local a shop if there are available. But then the question is: why do I need iHerb?
Awaiting for the issue resolution.
The order number is # [protected].

I would expect:
1) First of all, sending the ordered items to my address ASAP.
2) Assist in the account activation
3) and a bonus/gift as a compensation on this unacceptable issue.

Thanks for understanding,

iHerb - advertised prices not honored, chat not working, no contact number, online contact needs order

The 40% off on collagen supplements that suppose to be the weekend of 11/1-11/3 does not apply when adding collagen supplement in the basket. If you want to call someone to place an order, there i...

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iHerb - account deactivated after payment has been made

Oct 26 - I made a purchase at iherb using an app downloaded at google play store. After I downloaded it, I sign-up and made my first order. I paid the amount of 120USD using a credit card and received an email from them about my purchases. My last check of my order says "fullfilling" meaning they received the payment and my order is ready to ship on oct 30 to nov 5. When I try to log in again to my account, I couldn't log in and it says my account is deactivated. I immediately emailed them and wait for 1-3 days to verify my account. The following day I received an email from them that my account is deactivated and all of my orders are cancelled. The order has been paid by my credit card company and suddenly they will just deactivate my account and cancelled my order!. Are they thief?!! And I explain to them that I didnt deactivate my account and didnt cancel my order. It was them. THEY DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT AND CANCEL MY ORDER WITHOUT INFORMING ME THRU EMAIL. THE ORDER HAS BEEN ALREADY PAID BY MY CREDIT CARD! BEWARE !!! DONT EVER EVER BUY FROM THEM!!! AFTER YOU MADE PURCHASE AND PAID THEM. THEY WILL CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!! THEY WILL IGNORE YOU AND THEY WILL NOT ANSWER ALL YOUR EMAILS. BEWARE!!!

iHerb - lousy service

I ordered 24 discs of TAZA chocolate (Order # [protected]) from iherb but due to repeatedly failed courier service (courier lied that no one is at address when there is someone at home waiting from 6am in the morning till 10pm at night for two consecutive days ), all the chocolates have melted.

Iherb refused to refund my money back to my credit card and I have decided not to buy from iherb anymore.

Terrible shopping experience from iherb!!!


iHerb - fraudulent credit card charges.

iHerb Case.

Earlier this year I made a small purchase of vitamins from the Dutch registered company iHerb. I don't normally buy anything from this company but in fact my normal supplier - Puritan's Pride was temporarily out. I did do a small amount of research before purchasing and everything with iHerb seemed to be above board.

The goods duly arrived, shipping had been not too fast and not to slow, and the product - multivitamin in this case - seemed to be OK. So, no problem there.

Then at the end of the banking period I received a statement that was surely wrong and indicated that iHerb had made four separate withdrawals, each for different amounts and amounting to almost 700 US$ from my credit card.

I only get credit card statements each three months so it was already two months after the withdrawals had taken place. Accordingly, I immediately contacted iHerb who requested evidence in the form of my bank statement, which I supplied to them by return.

There followed a number of email exchanges with various people at iHerb - namely:
Aiko Y, Ryan N, Mervin M, Christian S, and Del - with a different person replying each time which is always suspicious. Due to the similarity of the messaging, and style, I strongly suspect that this is just one person.

During these interchanges they (he/she) mentioned an investigation into the matter by iHerb; told me that my account had been locked due to possible fraud - also presumably by iHerb as this is where the money went to, and after a couple of weeks culminating with the advice that I initiate credit card chargeback procedures, though it was far past the possible time limit.

After that repeated emails received no reply.


1. I made a small purchase, and gave my credit card details to iHerb for that purpose.
2. The purchase arrived, but I cannot vouch for the quality of the items and I don't have that testing facility.
3. iHerb then made four separate, and completely unauthorized withdrawals from my credit card account that had nothing to do with any purchases to the tune of almost 700 US$.
4. Contacted, iHerb then used delaying tactics to make absolutely sure that credit card chargebacks were no longer possible.
5. I have been deliberately robbed of almost US$700.


In these cases, one can only really rely on the honesty and integrity of the company involved and hope that it was just a mistake that can be rectified by the return of the money. In this case I had complied with requests for evidence, and can prove that the money was deducted by iHerb, I now conclude that this was deliberate and fraudulent.


iHerb - unauthorised credit card deductions.

This is. series of email to/from IHerb complaining about unauthorised credit card deductions amounting to almost US$ 700:

Hi - As you are well aware, the chargeback limitation is 60 to 120 days from the time of the transaction.

Chargeback is therefore now no longer possible.

This is close to 700 US$.

Please arrange credit back from your company to cover these mistaken charges to my credit card as soon as possible - thanks.

James Hammond

On Aug 3, 2019, at 12:13 AM, iHerb Support wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (3093584) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Del (iHerb)
Aug 2, 9:13 AM PDT

Thank you for your response to iHerb.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. The account was locked recently due to the very activity that you are reaching out to us about. We suggest you contact your bank to processes a Chargeback to us so we can refund the funds that were taken.

Thank you for your time and have a healthy day.


The iHerb Team

Christian S. (iHerb)
Aug 1, 9:57 AM PDT

Dear James Douglas Hammond,

Thank you for reaching us about the unknown charge.

Our Verification Team has been investigating this concern. Please allow us 2-3 business days for the result.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or chat.


Christian S.
The iHerb Team

James Douglas Hammond
Aug 1, 3:33 AM PDT


Looking on the Internet I see there is quite pattern of this type of thing happening with your company.

This is not a trivial amount so I hope you can resolve this quickly.


James Hammond

Christian S. (iHerb)
Jul 31, 12:03 PM PDT

Dear James Douglas Hammond,

We apologize for the issue you have with your iHerb.com order. We have escalated this issue to our Management Team for review. This way they can help with a resolution regarding this matter. As soon as we get a response we will let you know.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with.

Christian S.
The iHerb Team

James Douglas Hammond
Jul 31, 6:38 AM PDT

Hi Merven - please see the attached.

The needed information is in plain English.



James Hammond

Mervin M. (iHerb)
Jul 31, 4:34 AM PDT

Dear James Douglas Hammond,

Thank you for choosing iHerb.com.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you regarding your payment. It will help our Technical Team to resolve the issue if you can provide with us the payment transactions in English. You may send to us any available screenshots of proof of payment transaction for our review.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Mervin M.
The iHerb Team

James Douglas Hammond
Jul 30, 8:29 PM PDT

Please let me know if you want a photo of my credit card statement - the language is in Chinese but the iHerb Netherlands deductions/dates are nearly marked in English.

I hope this can be refunded quickly.



James Hammond

Ryan N. (iHerb)
Jul 30, 9:51 AM PDT

Dear James Hammond,

Thanks again for contacting iHerb.com.

Our warm apology that there are charges from iHerb.com in your bank account. We have escalated this issue to our Verification Team for further investigation and review. This way they can help with a resolution regarding this matter. Please give us 3 to 5 business days for the update.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with.


Ryan N.
The iHerb Team

James Douglas Hammond
Jul 29, 11:50 PM PDT

Hi Aiko,
Please see below:

Type of card: Mastercard.
Issued by: Hua Nan Bank, Taiwan
Last four digits of card number: 6127

Transactions to: iHerb Netherlands BV:
March 22nd 2019 - NT$ 4, 174
March 22nd 2019 - NT$ 4, 343
March 26th 2019 - NT$ 4, 284
March 28th 2019 - NT$ 4, 168
March 29th 2019 - NT$ 4, 445

After that no more transactions to date.

Please note that I did not order anything to justify these transactions.


James Hammond

Aiko Y. (iHerb)
Jul 29, 5:34 AM PDT

Dear James Hammond,

We apologize that you are having this issue with an order placed on iHerb.com. We do take these matters seriously and need some information from you to be able to locate the order, so we can further investigate this matter.

Can you provide the date of the transaction, amount of the charge, the type of card(Visa/Mastercard/etc.), and the last four digits of your credit card that was used? Please do not provide your full card number to keep your information secure.

Once this is provided, we can locate the order and then forward it to our Fraud Team for further investigation. Also, we would advise reporting this to your bank so they can issue you a new card, and also help prevent any additional unauthorized transactions.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Aiko Y.
The iHerb Team

James Douglas Hammond
Jul 28, 11:23 PM PDT

Hi, I have been charged 4 times in March and April the year but have made no orders.

I was charged:

March 25, 2019 - NT$ 4, 174
March 25, 2019 - NT$ 4, 343
March 28, 2019 - NT$ 4, 284
April 1, 2019 - NT$ 4, 168
April 1, 2019 - NT$ 4, 445
Total NT$ 21, 414
Plus conversion charges: NT$319
Total NT$ 21, 733

This makes a total of USD 698.91 - nearly 700 US$

Can you please credit this back to my account.


James Hammond.


Update by Jamesintw
Sep 02, 2019

Please read this bottom to top - thanks.


iHerb - calcium magnesium citrate plus vitamin d3 bluebonnet natural blueberry flavor

my order came today and one of the bottles was broke. the date is august 12. my name is cindy barteaux.i would just like you to send me another bottle hopefully wrapped twice. my address is 1005 no. topaz drive, salt lake city, utah 84116. the bottle was broke and leaking in the box, i don't have a smart phone to take a picture. i guess you will have to take my word for it. thank you cindy barteaux

iHerb - they refuse american express

This company claims to accept American Express. But when an order is placed, they demand an authorization code.
I called Amex for one, and they told me they don't give authorization codes and that they saw the charge on my account and approved it, waiting for iHerb to finalize the charge.
But iHerb refuses to accept the fact that Amex does NOT give authorization codes and kept demanding one.
Basically this is their way to bait and switch Amex card holders to use another credit card that does give authorization codes.

iHerb - ordering / privacy violations

iHerb REQUIRES you to enter a mobile # to check out.
Why? Read their privacy policy.
They want to curate your social media profiles and shuffle your data around. (And also place flash cookies that stick around much longer than your visit! This allows them to further build a profile on you and your browsing habits - nothing at all related to your order.)

Seems like they offset their cheap prices by using you as a product, too.
Even if you don't use social media, they're submitting that data to the big tech companies. Food for thought.

iHerb - unethical behaviour - overcharged at checkout

I have been a regular iHerb customer, however, NO MORE!

I am based in Australia and on the 17th July 2019, I ordered some items from the iHerb.com site as I have ALWAYS done in the past.

Order # [protected]
Order Total

From purchasing items to checkout, I was advised that the total cost would be $129.59 - this included shipping. At NO time was I advised that a total of $190.86 would be debited from my credit card! All total costs were written as $129.59. There was no US$129.57 at all. My shipping address is clearly Australia and I was NOT advised that iHerb intended to add another $61.27 to my order, which they did WITHOUT TELLING ME. The checkout page DID NOT not advise that this was going to happen BEFORE confirming the order. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM! IT IS MISLEADING AND UNETHICAL. I contacted herb to discuss and was told 'too bad, it's the US to AUS currency conversion rate'. I said there was NO information regarding this at purchase time or at checkout and was told 'too bad'. I ALSO TOLD THEM THAT THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED WITH ANY OF MY EARLIER ORDERS - THEY DIDN'T CARE!
To make matters worse, one item (a moisturiser) had leaked in the parcel...I didn't even get to that issue because I was so totally shocked at the response I had just received from their so-called customer service rep regarding the overcharging. So, I have been ripped off and the parcel contents leaked and damaged other items and I am now even worse off! ABSOLUTELY APPALLING BUSINESS PRACTICES. I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM IHERB REGARDING THIS MATTER AS I COMPLAINED AGAIN HOPING TO GET A DIFFERENT RESPONSE. I have spent hundreds of dollars with this company and they refused to assist me in this matter. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM, THEY ARE SNEAKY WITH PRICING AND HAVE NO REMORSE. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

iHerb - rewards negative

My rewards code is BRC578.

I've tried to contact Iherb three times by email without solution/ answer.
My rewards credits have dropped from US$ 7.83 (on 07/02/2019) to US$ -23.18 (on 07/07/2019).
When these changes on the rewards credit have happened, almost 10 dolars were missing on the first time and right after that more US$ 7.5 were missing (61.22 to 53.72= 7.5).
At the moment, at least US$ 17 are missing and the available rewards credit should be US$ 17 plus all the money earned after that US$ 11.19, totalizing US$ 28.19.

I want all my rewards US$ US$ 28.19.

iHerb - my order number is [protected]

I'm really very sad.my order has been placed on 7 Apr.then the DHL call me to pay 10000 egyptian pound for customs which is too too much i can not pay this huge number which is far away from reality and truth.when i contact iherb they offer 25%off and again i can not pay this too.i decided to refund and the surprise was that iherb want me to pay 303.26 $ and just take 97$ back, i trusted iherb but unfortunately no hope no help nothing good. i do not know why ?? The shippment cost from america to egypt when i ordered the order was just 34 egyptian pound with a discount about 500 egyptian pound which is obviously not a discount it is the cost of the shippment .the shippment cost is a little money not a 303 dollar !! I get orders from america i have never pay something like that.my hope is that you solve my problem and give me my money back.

iHerb - shipping fees ripoff!

I've ordered a number of items from US and paid for the delivery fee at the checkout (not mentioning the amount for the delivery). I then received a card from my local delivery office saying that I need to pay much more for my package to be delivered to me! Nowhere on the website and a checkout page was it mentioned when I placed an order. This is an absolute ripoff and a scam! It is clear now how they make money, dishonest money! When I contacted the support team, I received 0 support and help, which is not meeting 'treating customers fairly' regulation, which can be reported to the relevant regulator.

iHerb - technical support

I had an amount of loyalty credits from my previous purchase (order no [protected]) and was planning to purchase some pills regularly. During my new order, there was an issue about my financial institution and I needed to cancel 04/11/2019. After that, all my loyalty credits were gone. Since then, I have contacted to customer support 2/3 times, they directed me to the technical support. I also mailed [protected]@iherb.com. I even contacted the supervisor of the customer service. I can not say anything about customer service, they were also trying to find a solution but your technical support team should not call themselves as tech support. the only solution they can offer is like 101 online shopping. Log in log out, clear cookies, try a different browser, remove them and add them to your basket again. Really? Is that sooo hard to redeem my loyalty credits?
Obviously nor will I consider shopping from your page again, or will i suggest it to any of my friends.

iHerb - do not trust this site at all: warning!

I tried to purchase an item, it asked me to enter my personal information to create an account. BIG MISTAKE. Save yourself and do not enter anything. It is a trap that they gather your personal information and if you ever decided to close your account, guess what YOU CANT. They will put you through a whole 'system' and tell you it will take up to one month to close your account, then you have to submit a separate request to delete your personal information through a "different department", what [censored]. BEWARE!!! You will get nowhere with customer service.

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