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Green Tea PurityUnauthorized Debiting of account

This company will not acknowledge the fact that I have cancelled my membership with them. They have debited my account $80.75 when I have already cancelled with them. They are saying I need a RMA# to ship product back to warehouse or it will be refused. I have tried calling 2 different #'s & they will not return my call so that I can obtain that # & ship my product back. How can we stop these companies who don't produce what they say they will? If I not satisfied with a product I should be able to return it without having to jump through hoops. Buyer beware~If you see GREEN TEA PURITY pop up on your screen for a risk free trial only $5.95 beware! I ends up costing you a whole lot more.


  • Li
    line Aug 15, 2016

    ils ont débiter ma carte de credit 4 fois 2 fois pour des montants de 90.77 et 2 autres fois pour 96.01 et li y a peut etre d autre montant debiter

    je n ais jamais recu ces produits

    line mercier

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  • Fa
    fatbird2010 Aug 15, 2016

    Last year I saw adverts on the internet for Acai Berry Detox and Power Colon Cleanse. I clicked on the ad's and ordered free trials of each with no further obligation following one months trial. I agreed to pay a small fee for post and packaging from the U.S. to the U.K. However, both companies took various amounts from my credit card account 3 times in the first month. I didn't know this had happened until my statement came through. As you can imagine i was furious. The products also took ages to arrive. called both companies to complain but never got through to a person. I was always in a queue. It was a very strange situation. Upon checking the packaging the products had come from china, the phone calls I made to a number of different phone numbers available on the contracts and the website were in america and canada then when I checked my credit card statement the amounts had gone to accounts in various different countries. I made every effort to resolve this by calling the company almost every day making sure I was getting the time right taking in to account the time difference between the areas in the U.S. I was calling and the time it was in the U.K. I emailed the companies and they didn't email me back a proper response, I received emails on a regular basis stating the amounts due to come out of my account. I received one bottle of each product and they continued to take money for about 3 months. then they had the cheek to send me a bobble in the post from china!!! I couldnt believe it. I emailed the companies several times telling them that I had informed my credit card company of their illegal operation and that they were under investigation. My credit card company (Barclays) could not help me because every time I called, the company had secured another payment due to leave my account. Eventually I was advised to cancel my credit card and order a new one, why they didnt say this sooner I don' know.
    It was so stressful. In the end it was over £200.00 they took unlawfully from my account. I put in a huge complaint to my credit card company including all correspondance between myself and the companies, my phone bills with the calls highlighted and the contract I had entered in to with each of the companies. It took months to be resolved but all the money they had taken was recovered by my credit card company. AND I hadn't seen any of the complaints or reviews until after I had ordered the products. They are all still advertised on the net but with different products like chinese tea etc. Don't fall for it people. Just go to weigth watchers or something. The disappointing thing is after all that the products were crap!!!
    (apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes im in a hurry)

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  • An
    anne-marie351 Aug 15, 2016

    i signed up for the free trial also and got scammed if my card is cancelled does that put an end to it, does anyone know where to return the supplements

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  • Sa
    savvyshoppersarah Dec 08, 2014

    Thanks to everyone posting here. It seems nothing is stopping them. They now have a 1/2 hour infomercial on WE network, just saw this site. They have the nerve to even advertise BBB rating as A+ !!! No site listed only a phone number, [protected] and $4.95 for shipping of the "free " bottle. They go as far as saying not in stores and not available online. I'm assuming to skirt some law! WE network should be liable as well for selling advertising space to a company such as this ! Luckily I didn't order because I've seen this. The product is listed now as Green Tea CR, and when searched, I see it on Amazon too. Hope there are wise people out there and they search this. The infomercial even says Google their spokesperson Chris Kilham. I certainly hope this company is shut down soon.

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  • Go
    gotsickthere Feb 22, 2013

    My girl friend and I went there to order our lunch and the food had a very bad smell and didn't taste right. Well we went back to the Green Tea and complained about how bad the food was and the manager there was being very rude and started to yell at both of us and saying that we didn't know what we were talking about. Well while waiting for someone else for a refund we had witness one of the employees trapping a cat with food in a trap or a garbage can that was knocked over and then they put the cat in a pet carrier and took the cat in the back entry way. From that point we didn't see what happened from there. We then requested a full refund. They stated they don't understand english and then they can not refund money. We then threatened then with the police. We called police and the police stated they are called there several times a week with disputes on bad business that these people are doing. We called our credit card company and lucky enough they were able to fight the charge and get our refund back. I highly suggest everyone to not eat at the Green Tea. We went home and both of us were ill for the next day or so. We did go to the doctors to have this all documented. We believe that they are using animials like dogs and cats as chicken. One of the employees had advised us that they are doing that to save on the real price of buying real chicken since chicken does cost a lot more. The employee advised that they cook up the cats and dogs up and no one would really know the difference at all and they do that over in their country all the time and no one knows the difference. They also asked us not to say anything because this would get them into trouble including termination of their employment. The police advise us to never eat there again, so we would never have this trouble again. I advise the police we already had that in mind already. We are looking out for everyone who does eat or plans to eat at the Green Tea.
    Again . Do you really want to eat at a place that people get sick? Do you really wan to be eating parts of a cat or dog thinking its chicken? You will get SICK. You can eat there if you want to but it is your choice.

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  • Cl
    Claire m Stephems Mar 19, 2010

    This company took money from my account despite cancelling the free trial and returning the product. They have so far failed to return over £100 despite being taken in June 2009

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  • Ja
    Janice - Aberdeen, UK Feb 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with Green Tea Purity has not been a good one either. I took up the offer with the understanding that I had two weeks on receipt of the goods to try them out. Day 3 of my trial period they took nearly £100 out of my bank account!! I immidiately asked them to cancel my account and they took another payment out just over a week later - again without my prior knowledge or consent!! They did stop taking the money after this last one in June 2009 but I am still waiting a refund even though they have promised one on several occasions. Today's date being 25th February 2010. Their billing department appear to be there for taking the money only and their customer service, while their e-mails are polite, it is about as helpful as sticking your head in the sand!!!

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  • Is
    Isabella7 Oct 27, 2009

    Hi there! The same thing happened to me here in the United Kingdom.
    When I saw charge of $80 on my account I contacted my bank and explained the situation. They cancelled my card so this company would not take any more money, which they tried after it has been cancelled I found out later from the bank. My bank asked me to write the statement that I have not autorised this company to take more than the shipping charge $5.98. I sent back the pills and had a proof of it, which I sent back to the bank. I was lucky the bank refunded the $80 as well as shipping charges. What fool I've been, but it has thought me a lesson. I am still looking into the way to report these adverts, so they won't be allowed to advertise due to misleading information. Particularly since they say "your trial starts from the date of order".. ! And CHINA is long way away! Gool luck to all of you resolving your problems with this scam!
    Lots of love

    p.s. I have also just seen on Yahoo Answers an advertisment for
    There seem to be loads of them around!

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  • Rg
    RGF Oct 09, 2009

    Funny, eh? It was CANCELLED and RETURNED...


    Thank you for placing your order.

    Recently, your order GTP-XXX-XXXXXXX for product billing was
    declined by your credit card.

    Your credit card details:


    Please note that if you do wish to keep the trial product already
    shipped and received by you, the charge of 79.95 is required.

    Please provide another credit card to allow for the billing.

    If you do not wish to keep the trial product, please let us know via
    return email, and we can provide the return instructions.

    We look forward to hearing from hearing from you.

    Best regards
    Customer Support"

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  • Rg
    RGF Oct 05, 2009

    Ok to keep this going, I emailed them back about wanting to return the product i RECEIVED within the 15 days as stated in the terms. This is the BS form email I get back: I also tried to call them but was disconnected while on hold of course:


    Thanks for your email.

    The terms and conditions surrounding this sale were displayed on check out and on our site.

    They do state that when you order the risk-free trial of our product, your card will be charged only $5.95 shipping and handling (or more depending on your country). You will have a full 14 day free trial period from your original order date to decide if our item is right for you.

    At the end of your 14 day trial period you will be charged $79.95 for the trial bottle you received.

    I do understand however that confusion may arise during the check out process.

    As such, I have spoken to my manager and he has agreed to allow you to keep the already sent bottle in lieu of sending it back to us at a partial discount of USD$20 off the current rebill price.

    Do let me know if we can proceed please.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Mary Lohan

    Customer support

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  • Rg
    RGF Oct 04, 2009

    One more thing...advice to all... USE A PREPAID VISA GIFT CARD when doing any of these orders to make sure they cannot try to screw you over and charge you illegally for things you do not want. If you want to keep the item and it is legit you can call and arrange other payment methods.

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  • Rg
    RGF Oct 04, 2009

    I ordered 3 different products from these people. I didn't even get an email confirmation for 7 days, then when I did they all came at the same time, and all from random gmail email addresses. I replied back to all of them saying I want to cancel. They sent the same form email about waiting until the product arrives and send it back. Ok. I got all the products. I emailed back again asking to return them and cancel. They said again to wait until they arrive which they did! Just the same form emails. Hell the one product I ordered was called "Maqui Berry Pure" and what I got was called GOJI BERRY. Ok...nice...

    Here are the emails they sent me back AFTER I received one of them, good stuff:


    Thanks for your email and update.

    We are certain that you want to cancel your account. However, as part of the policy, if you are not fully satisfied with current or future shipments, you may return any unopened containers within 15 days of receipt.

    We were updated that your order is still currently in transit.

    As part of the policy, we only give return instructions (RMA) once you received the item.

    Please let us know once you already have the item & I'll be glad to provide you the return address.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Kim Sanderland

    Customer Support

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  • Ca
    C.AB Sep 28, 2009

    I thought I was looooooosssiinng my mind, they have charged me over 100$$$$ for this bs... and will not answer any of my calls or return my calls with any of the messages that I left...

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  • Il
    illona agapova Sep 28, 2009

    When you call, you can give them all the information you want, they will not "be able" to find your account.

    1. Ask to speak to the manager
    2. give them your first and last name, shipping address, phone #, and all the emails you could have used for any orders of supplements (trial version)
    3. tell them you need to expedite your refund request immediately
    4. they will send you an email with your order #

    I still have not heard anything from them, the first 4 steps I just wrote are as far as I got...and that took TWO days ! I still haven't received this product, by the way.

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  • An
    And..Ann.. Ant Sep 24, 2009

    Me 2. First, I've tried to call them but unsucessfully SO I cancelled my credit card right away. It was suspecious from the beginning that they didn't attach the bill or order number with the bottle then not respond the email or phone.

    They are intentionly not giving you the RMA numbers because they don't have one! Yes, they are a dirty SCAM WEBSITE !!! After cancelled my credit card they can't charge me any money in the future even they keep sending me the products. I'VE LEARNT THE LESSON! I'm not wasting my time and money to send them back to China. I will throw them into the Trash can, they will get No Charge from me in the future and They can kiss my ###!!! Be careful, don't use the product it could be anything in there.

    There should be some investigation, seriously the PO. box in UT, USA. Americans who loss job would love to get this guys. This is a quick money making for them but won't be long I hope it never enough to pay for their lawsuit and the cigelate in JAIL!!! I hope this help for the peace of my, sorry for the English : )

    And, Ann, Ant!!

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  • Re
    redstar Sep 22, 2009

    I am just in the middle of the same problem. I have been corresponding by email to someone within the business. As of now, they have offered to bill me at a discounted amount and yet AGAIN, I have had to tell them that the product has NOT been received. This is ridiculous business etiquette!

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  • So
    SONYA46 Sep 09, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. They only got me once. My bank is going to make sure thet don't get any more money from me .Just talk to your bank they will help you

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  • Da
    dancinghansly Sep 08, 2009

    No idea how to stop them from doing it - i cancelled both my cards used as i had ordered Green Tea Purity and Power Colon Cleanse. I believe it is all the same scaming organisation and encompases Acaci Berry formula ones as well.

    I think i am lucky both by bank and credit card company were very helpful and have sorted it out for me.

    My advice is to not bother contacting the company as it will do no good and end up costing you more as you will have to pay for the calls. - Call your bank and cancel your account (they will open you a new one) so that these **********'s can't get any more of your money! your bank should refund the money to you realy as well.

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  • Pk
    Pknight Sep 05, 2009

    I too am yet another sucker who fell for this scam. For 3 months I emailed and phoned this company that I wanted to cancel any future orders and yet each month I was charged 84.00 for product and shipped a new bottle. Finally got a response yesterday but only after I told them in yet another email I was cancelling my bank card. THEN I got a email from customer support that they wanted me to cancel my dispute with my credit card company so this could be resolved in a timely manner...HAHA. Oh, and if I cancelled my dispute I could receive the product for only 39.95 a month...yeah right. Never ever again will I order anything without reading the T & C. Emailed them again saying bank card had already been cancelled so it was in THEIR best interest to cancel all future orders. Hopefully this time they will follow through, otherwise I'll be getting my next shipment for free.

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  • Sh
    shandree Sep 04, 2009

    I just finished with this scam as well. I was billed full price for my ′trial bottle′ before I even received it! Was billed for 3 more bottles before it was resolved. I dealt with the resolutions department at my bank where I have my credit card. They had the company′s phone number from the billing and we did a three way call, where I asked that the shipments be stopped and told them I did not want anymore product. We received a cancellation confirmation number and I haven′t been billed for any product since. You need to call the company first thing in the morning or you won′t get through. Make sure you have help from your credit card company. They deal with this stuff all the time. This was a long frustrating process. A hard (and expensive)lesson learned. Good luck!

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  • Dc
    DCC96073 Sep 01, 2009

    This company started sending emails about orders I have not placed. They claim they shipped to an old address I had 5 years ago. When I challenged the order they said the credit card info (which did not appear in the "thank you for your order" email) matched my address. They said they could take my information and give it to a government website for tracking scams. After reading the other complaints here, I believe this is a SCAM to get my current information for identity theft. This is not a legitimate company--stay away!

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  • Ev
    Everton Aug 17, 2009

    I am also a victim of this green tea purity scam, its a real shame how they are allowed to get away with this sort of thing, considering the ammount of complaint i am surprise that they havent been shut down or blocked out of the internet yet.

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  • Le
    Lesley McDonald Aug 13, 2009

    Well I have beaten the scamming bu***rs!!! I cancelled my credit card, explained to my credit card company what had happened. I seemingly had signed up and took out a subscription for 2 products!! I have never received these products. I filled out chargeback forms with my credit card company. Today, credit card company have credited £50 x 2 back into my account. Thank you Marks and Spencer Finance. They have been so helpful.

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  • Ma
    mary t Aug 05, 2009

    Please do not order from this company, as it is impossible to cancel orders even to get a return address. A normal company would
    have an address on the delivery docket but not this company. All I can see is deductions on my credit card. I thought I was
    ordering a free trial and payment for postage not the case. I have cancelled my order and the packets still arrive which I return.
    I have kept all emails to help my bank sort out this matter.
    Please Please do not order from this website. Scam artists of the highest degree.

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  • Tr
    TrinaH Aug 03, 2009

    I agree with everything that has been said it happen to me. I got in touch with the company and they claim they were gonna send me an email with the adress and infomation to send it back and I never received anything. That charged my accoun and I tried to get my money back and nothing happened this company is a total scam.

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  • Ma
    marsbar67 Aug 02, 2009

    Hi every one, you need to all contact your banks advise them of the situation and ask them to cancel your cards, have the transactions disputed and with the same luck i had have your monies refunded. Thankfully all my money was refunded to my new credit card

    Good luck

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  • Ch
    Charles R Aug 01, 2009

    They are using over 10 different company names. All the E-mails they send are prewriten and sent to everyone. Their current scam is using the name Green Tea Purity but it is all the same people. If you look at all the E-mail addresses they are all G-mail accounts. Report them to G-mail as being used for scaming. Report them to this is the FBI internet crimes web site. Report them to the web sites that carry their adds. This is the only way to stop them.

    G MAN

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  • Ch
    Charles R Aug 01, 2009

    sorry the ic3 address is

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  • Ho
    Honestperson Jul 30, 2009

    I was also scammed. Stupidly I gave my debit card number to these people, momentary lapse of reason. I paid the $5.95 for the trial which equated $7.87 (US$D) on my debit card. Then I received an email to say my debit card had declined (as I dont keep any money in there generally) but they had obviously tried to take out a further amount of $79.95 as according to them that is what I owed for receipt of the goods. I dont think so!!! I told them they had no authority to do so. They were asking for an alternative visa card. I then found this site and found out about their scammy dealings. I made sure I kept no money in that account but they obviously kept on trying as I kept getting the emails. I told them repeatedly I had paid the amount owing i.e. $5.95. Unfortunately when I did have some money in the account the $79.95 (US$D 99.90) came out. I instantly lodged a dispute with my bank and they reversed the payment and are investigating it further. I have since been to my bank and cancelled both account and debit card. Encourage anyone you speak to who has been ripped off by these losers to notify the authorities and hopefully eventually their little game will be ceased.

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  • Ti
    Tired of the bull sh** Jul 27, 2009

    This is SUCH A SCAM I am going to my local news about it because it is not legit. I like everyone else was getting a risk free trial for the shipping price of 5.95 then my account was debited $79.95!!! I have called six times now and every time I am promised an E-mail with directions on how to return it within 48 hrs. NEVER GET IT!!! Now my calls are not answered. ###!!!

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  • St
    StaceyB40 Jul 24, 2009

    Forgot to say i have aso emailed them at least half a dozen times and not had any replies, and am still waiting. After reading these other posts i think i will close my credit card account and open one with another provider, just to be safe. What a palava though all because of a scam, well i won;t be doing this again

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  • St
    StaceyB40 Jul 24, 2009

    I too have been 'done' by this company. They originally took the payment from my credit card trading as Quality Health. When i realised they had taken £51 unauthorised i tried to cancel but reeived no replies. i even phoned America to try to speak with someone but had no joy. They then took another £51 and called themselves Capstardiet. I have taken this up with the credit card company who are keeping an eye on it but they cannot refuse the payment as it is 100% guaranteed on a credit card! They will try to reclaim the charges from the company if they can. I said is it best to close the account and open a new one but they said that the charges will just transfer to the new card, how dumb is that? anyway i have been too worried to take the pills as there are no instructions anywhere, so it has totally been a complete waste of time and money and i still have lost no weight! ha ha maybe worrying about the whole thing will lose a few pounds! Everyone tempted by this whole green tea purity should steer well clear, obviously as we all know, nothing in life is free!

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  • Ba
    Bazzza Jul 23, 2009

    I have had the same problem, Anybody know how to stop them??

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  • Mi
    Michael100 Jul 20, 2009

    I too had a similar experience with this fake company. It is too bad this company was linked-in through Facebook.

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  • Va
    vasujo Jul 18, 2009

    I ordered Green tea purity from this Company Capstardiet and was happy to pay the £5.95 cost of packaging and the item for free! But then found that they had taken £49.83 from my account 14 days later. I emailed and asked for refund for so called item which they supposedly sent, but never did. And now I have found out that 14 days later they have taken another £54.85 from my account, and I have no way of contacting them, only by email which I have many times to cancel any connection with them.

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  • Mr
    mrs30something Jul 17, 2009

    Absolutely!! Steer clear of these liars and theives! Small print is an understatement. On realising I'd been scammed rang my bank and reported my card as lost. Unfortunately too late for the 2 payments of $79.95. After then telling the robbers I didn't want their product (and why had they debited my card before shipping it) and to refund me immediately. Was told account cancelled and no further orders would be sent. But even though this was cancelled on the 12th June they still shipped the bloddy crap on the 28th June after I specifically said not to. Am having trouble getting money back from bank as they say it's in their Terms and conditions - arguing this as I cancelled before they shipped and therefore shouldn't have debited for something they hadn't yet sent. Have eventually received the dodgy looking [censored]e, which I have immediately returned to their address which is in funnily enough in China (not USA as led to beleive from website). Have had an email tonight saying I will get a refund in next 6-8 days for $40!!! Have replied saying where the hell do they get this figure from..??? I've already paid the shipping of $5.95 for the 'trial' and so can't work out how a 20% restocking fee works out at this..??? EVERYONE, STEER CLEAR OF THESE SCAMMERS - THEY ARE MAKING A FORTUNE FROM OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jul 13, 2009

    These are all the names of the contacts and the return address:

    Kim Sanderland ([email protected])
    From: Support Vital Acai ([email protected])
    From: Support, Vital Acai ([email protected])
    From: Customer Support ([email protected]
    From: Support, Vital Acai ([email protected])
    From: James Thomas ([email protected]
    From: Acai Elite ([email protected]

    Report this scam to the FTC at and the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

    Also to the Attorney General of your state.

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  • Ki
    Kim Joslyn Jul 13, 2009

    I agree, it is not a free trial it is a partial payment for what ends up costing you over £50 then a month later over £50 again and so on. Even after contacting my credit card company, I have been told I have to contact the company and get them to cancel the ddr agreement. I am disgusted that this useless product has cost me over £100 for basically 60 tablets and 3 teabags.
    A complete waste of time and money. It is so sad that these companies can prey on the overweight.
    How come there is help on the NHS to help people stop smoking but not to loose weight.
    I am now so annoyed and upset that someone can do this and get away with it. There should be a law against it.

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  • Gr
    greenteapurity Jul 11, 2009

    Help! I have made the same mistake but my credit card company tells me that even if the card is canceled or account closed then the payments will still be taken. They have put a block on the card but cannot guarantee its effectiveness in stopping these payments.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Jul 10, 2009

    Big scam. Please report to: also owns these websites:

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