Pottery Barn / poor delivery service

DC Suburbs, United States

If you live on the East Coast and order something through Pottery Barn that requires 'White Glove' delivery, the item will arrive 5-6 weeks late, you will spend 4-5 hours on the phone trying to identify where the item is located, it will not be truly trackable, and the delivery service will not be proactive, they will literally 'drop' the items in your garage leaving pieces broken and will leave you with all of the heavy duty packaging material (e.g. 3 ft x 6 ft iron boxes) to dispose of.

The customer service team will be very nice and encouraging, but the bottom line is that they don't know how all of the pieces work, they have very little control and they are working with what seem to be antiquated systems.

It may be more expensive to purchase from a local mom and pop store, but I highly recommend doing so. In the end, given the time, expense and worry associated with ordering a PB item, it is worth it to purchase from a local shop.

We ordered two chandeliers through Pottery Barn. Two days later we received an email stating that the item is "on its way." Two weeks later I decided to check with PB. After spending 30 minutes on hold in two different queues, a very nice person answered my call. She stated that items ship from go to a NJ hub, but that some items are not "checked in" to the NJ hub. There is no tracking number, it's simply a guy on a truck who starts in CA and ends on the East Coast and stops for up to a week at a time in different cities. Once it leaves the NJ hub it goes to a local delivery service. This can be hit or miss. My item sat with the delivery company for over two weeks. It took me to be proactive, call the delivery service and find the item. Once found, the scheduling I found to be just fine. However, when the item was delivered several crystals fell off during the unpacking actually rolled to corner of my garage. I found it the next day, broken. The delivery folks are in a rush to get the item dropped and your signature so that they can move onto the next job. The delivery folks told me that once I unhinged my chandelier from its 3 1/2 foot tall metal cage, they would come and pick up the cage at no cost. Getting the chandelier out of the cage took my electrician 1/2 hour, but I must say it was very well wrapped. You guessed it, when I called to have the cage removed, the delivery company...Purnell...claimed that this was not "their policy." and that I was just stuck with it. I asked to speak with a manager and that was denied.

So, the price might be cheap at PB, but you will pay for disposal fees, set up fees and other fees that you never would have anticipated. It's much easier and ultimately cheaper to buy locally.

Sep 03, 2014

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