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My wife and I ordered a bed frame from Pottery Barn. We were told that the bed frame would take 8-10 weeks to be delivered from the purchase date. After the ten weeks had elapsed, the Pottery Barn delivery team called us to schedule a delivery. My wife and I took off work to help the delivery folks set up the bed frame in our home. We received a call on our first scheduled delivery date that our bed frame was not placed on the delivery truck, and that the Pottery Barn team would need to schedule another delivery date. My wife and I again took off work on the next scheduled delivery date. The Pottery Barn delivery team arrived at our home with two rather small boxes. We asked the delivery folks before they entered our home whether this was the entire bed as it seemed rather small compared to what we had been expecting. They insisted that it was the entire bed frame. As we expected however, the Pottery Barn folks only brought part of the bed frame - neither the head board nor the canopy structure made it to our home. In addition, we had to provide the delivery folks with booties and tools in order to open the box in our home to verify that what was contained in the two boxes wasn't the entire frame we ordered. In addition, if we hadn't stopped the delivery team from entering our home without booties, they were also were prepared to track snow and mud into our home where the floors had recently been finished. After taking off work a second time, and still not bed frame, my wife and I were dissatisfied and called customer service.

To say that that Pottery Barn's customer service team was helpful is a serious overstatement. The Pottery Barn team's initial solution was to have us wait another ten weeks for another bed frame to be delivered. What comfort did we have that the Pottery Barn team could get it right the third or fourth time around? Who is checking the inventory at Pottery Barn to assure that two small boxes contain what is a rather large piece of furniture? Why doesn't the delivery team have the proper tools and booties to use for their delivery runs? These are all signs of a very weak process that shows serious signs of mismanagement.

We were not satisfied with Pottery Barn's customer service solution, which was to have us wait another ten weeks for a new delivery. The Pottery Barn team then proceeded to provide us with a 20% discount on the cost of the bed frame. While the 20% discount on it's face seemed like a nice gesture, the reality was that because we waited so long for the bed frame, the current price of the bed frame was cheaper than the price we were paying with Pottery Barn's 20% discount. The logical solution was for Pottery Barn to grant us the current price of the bed frame. The Pottery Barn team repeatedly told us that they could not grant us the current price of the bed frame, because we purchased the bed frame about twelve weeks earlier, when the frame was at a higher price. We continued to scratch our heads because we didn't have any furniture, we had to wait another ten weeks (which is equivalent to starting the process from the begining) and they wanted us to pay more than the current price of the bed frame. In fact, the Pottery Barn team said that we could cancel our original order then go back to the store and reorder if we wanted the current price of the frame. The Pottery Barn customer service team agree that their solution was "dumb", however they were following corporate policy. A corporate policy should create the roadmap and framework for how a company should handle it's day-to-day affairs, however, a corporate policy is only as useful as the folks who know how to implement it and adapt it to a situation - otherwise you run into these backwards solutions that leave a customer further dissatisfied.

I wish the Pottery Barn experience ended there. We canceled our order on the same day that Pottery Barn failed to deliver the furniture and adequately address the issue. When we called Pottery Barn customer service today to ask the status of our refund, which was nearly $1, 700, the customer service team surprisingly said that the order was never cancelled. We then redialed and spoke to another representative, who said the refund should appear in our account by Friday.

The Company has serious weaknesses on multiple levels . We hope the Pottery Barn team can learn from this experience so as to help future customers avoid similar complaints.

Jan 14, 2015
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  • Pi
      Oct 18, 2015

    we are in te middle of an identical situation; they no showed today (3rd or 4th time) after repeated promises, etc. We called Corporate HQ when they messed up the first delivery (same story as above: "10 more weeks!") and teh person they assigned to resolve it basically talked a good game but did nothing. Our local store has tried to fix things but seem pwerless. We will nver order from PB or it's parent Williams Sonoma ever again.
    if anyone from PB or WS wants to coontact us, refference order # [protected]

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  • Ja
      Dec 04, 2015

    I had almost the exact experience. They shipped us a Cal king headboard one week and then a king footboard the next week. Which did not make sense since it was a special order. I received the wrong bed in August and I am still waiting for my $1800 refund!

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