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I sold a jacket to a woman. I mistakenly used the wrong Poshmark label and sent the jacket to California instead of NJ. The woman in California was a former buyer of mine who informed me of my mistake. I let Poshmark customer service know, but received no response. I asked the buyer in California to please ship to lady in NJ, send me a screenshot of receipt and I would deposit money on her bank account which is what I did. I paid $20 of my own money to get the jacket to the buyer in NJ in 2 days. I contacted the buyer in NJ and told her what had happened and that I was sending her jacket and it would be there in two days. This woman started calling me a sociopath scam artist who only wanted her money. I provided her with a screenshot of the receipt which had the tracking number. The woman sent me eight messages telling me to just admit that there never was a jacket. It was all just a big scam. She had the receipt with the tracking number. I contacted Poshmark because I did not know what to do. I decided to pay $35 to have a parcel intercept because this woman scared me and I did not want her to have my last name or address. I contacted Poshmark again. No response. This woman stalked me. I am a surgeon-she found me and called all of the hospitals where I am certified to do surgeries and left messages for hospital administrators that I had lost my license in other states-check with the medical ethics board.
She called my parents.
She found out that I had a Tradesy account-
And asked a message, pretending to be an interested buyer-
I had no clue it was her and answered her by text-
She then had my phone number and called me all night long.
I blocked her number-'but she had downloaded an app that gave her different numbers so she kept calling-
I could not turn off my phone because I was on call.
I made a police report because I was concerned for the safety of myself and my family.'
The police and post office worked together to make sure the package came back to me.
I had surgeries scheduled for the next day and I was a mess.
When Poshmark finally did respond-'they told me that it was my fault for speaking to her and I should have pushed the block button on my account.
Poshmark is a very very very dangerous place!

May 16, 2017

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