Pos Malaysiaunethical behaviour

Acc no: [protected]
Company name: golden scoop sdn bhd
Company address: a-15-1, tower a, northpoint office, mid valley city, no.1 medan syed putra utara, 59200 kuala lumpur
Contact no: 03-[protected]
Person in charge: aida

My major problem with your service is pick up time. I need to arrange documents to be picking up from the whole office with different department in which is quite a lot of staff included every single day which means I cannot control the time they want to send it. Speaking about time your pick up person for my area (Mid valley city) always come to pick up our documents following their own time. Even sometimes they come before we make arrangement with poslaju and we dont even have any pick up ref no.
If they come before we make arrangement means they always come very early like 12pm. I always request when I make arrangement to come and pick up our document from 4pm - 6pm. But when I ask your pick up person to come on the evening your pick up person will rudely said "sukati kita lah nak datang pukul berapa, kita boss utk kerja kita. If lambat then we will pick up esok je lah!" that’s mean we need to follow their time. Sometimes I have to arrange pick up twice a day. They also come on our lunch hours. Even my colleague start to labeling poslaju to be poslambat. It is such a shame.
We already call a few time to make a complaint but it is seems nothing have been taken from your side. I am asking on behalf of my company, for you to take action regarding this matters seriously. We cannot afford any delayed pick up from you again in future.

Mar 09, 2017

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