Pos Malaysia Berhad / rude service from the staff upon delivery

Penampang, MY

Staff knocked my door like a gangster and awaken my family and baby sleeping.Opened the door and questioned him why no call before come and knock the door so loud.The staff challenge me with replied "if 100 customers, I need to call 100 people" and added "some customers even asking me to knock louder".DHL and ABX also will call me before they come with a very good manner and service.First time I have seen this kind of rude and sarcastic behaviour from POS office staff. Seriously I think your company need to take action against this kind of staff to improve your service. I am the regular customer of doing courier service, this is the very first time I met this kind of staff from POS office with such bad service of attacking me personally without any improvement or self awareness from their service behaviour, even challenge me further some more. I don't hope to see this kind of bad service, giving me bad impression and bad image from POS office again. Thanks

Nov 27, 2017

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