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On 24 oct 2017, I was supposed to receive my parcels with happy mood. But the parcel were arrived when my family gone out and I had been attending college. The staff responsible called and asked (As usual). However, the staff used very very tough tone to question me like I have actually made a mistake or owe him. He screamed at me while asking question I couldn't listen very well. Then, he sent a message to me for future delivery. I asked whether I can get it on 2pm or not by replying as he requested but I don receive any reply from him for confirmation of future delivery. Then, I waited for an hour without knowing whether he will deliver the parcel or not and I called him because I have to go out and scare cant catch up with the delivery again, and he actually intentionally close my call. I feel so sad and disrespect.

Please provide training to your staff on their manners!! And also they don even know how to speak english!!! A continual ignoring this concern on the quality of yr staff is going to cause u losing lots of customers!

Oct 24, 2017

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