Portrait Innovationstheir mistake

They messed up my package by providing me with 4 5x7s instead of 2 5x7s and 1 8x10.
Of course instead of taking my word for it they made me tell them the size of each sheet I had, which proved a little difficult because I had already started cutting. But luckily she found the mistake quickly, that they printed 4 5x7s instead of the 2 and the 8x10.
Sure, they offer to print me up that 8x10, but she requests I bring the 2 5x7s to swap.
I asked her what in the world she would need 2 5x7s of my daughter and she assured me they would be disposed of properly.
I told them that is not the point, they made the mistake, they should let the customer keep their mistake instead of throwing them away.
I'm not giving them my 5x7s for the 8x10..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Moosic, PAi took a picture on my phone to prove I have them, but I'm NOT giving them to be thrown the F away. If they do not give me my 8x10 because of the 5x7s that will be a HUGE mistake.
And if they are trained to ask for these pictures back under some kind of ###ed up policy that YOU have, then you should all be ashamed.
I couldn't believe my ears when she said that to me and I can honestly rate you a -10 just from that phone call experience. I don't know where you even get off saying something like that to a paying customer.
You should really watch on how ignorant you are, because I'm sure with that ### policy in place or ### employee, whichever, that independent photographers will take over those jobs and YOUR business.
I know portrait innovations will now be my last choice.
Beyond pissed off
Shannon murphy

May 13, 2017

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