Portrait Innovationsthe attitude of the worker as well as explaining my package to me

P Mar 07, 2017

We scheduled to do our spring pictures on Saturday march 4th at 10am we get there at 10am the girl we were having do our pictures was running behind with her other group so I told the manager if need be we can have Jessica do our pictures I know both beth and Jessica and I know they both do good work. Nothing got done so we had to wait and wait until close to 1020 or 1030 then as our pictures were getting half done our 1 year old was getting tired of pictures. Beth did such a good job trying to get her to sit and smile, but at one point the manager looks at her points at her wrist and tells her we have to finish up or hurry up time is almost up.. I find that so rude! You want us to come Pay alot to get pictues with you guys yet can't help us our when it comes to a fuzzy little one. Also as we are getting picture ordered she didn't explain some of the special effect prints we were able to get 8 pictures and we got 2 of each of the ones we ordered. I only wanted one of each I don't know why I need 2 I wish she would of told us that I would of got something different. thanks you for listening

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