Portrait Innovationsterrible studio experience!!!

E Nov 22, 2017

I had an appointment today (11/22) at 11:40am for my two girls (4 months & 17 months) Christmas photos at the Clearwater location. When we arrived (early - 11:15ish) the waiting room was packed! We checked in and the girl at the desk was very abrupt and short. If there was going to be a long wait, my mom & I wanted to walk around the plaza and keep the girls occupied until we were ready, but the associate ran off before I could ask. I understand they are busy so ok. We sat where there was room, two chairs near the front but the table between us had a speaker blasting Christmas music... so loud I couldn't hear my mom sitting next to me... festive but annoying after a while. So 11:40am came and went... and went... and went. It's now 12:45 and we have been waiting over an hour past our scheduled appointment time. Now I completely understand everyone is trying to get their holiday photos done right now and it is a very busy time for the studio but to compile so many appointments (especially with so many kids - who usually require more time & attention) in such a short time where they all become backed up is not smart at all. When I finally confronted an employee about the situation they apologized and said they had nothing to do with the scheduling, that it was all done by corporate. Which is exactly why I'm writing instead of contacting the store manager. My 4 month old has now fallen asleep in my moms arms and my 17 month old has explored every inch of the studio, gone through an entire bag of Goldfish crackers and is beyond controlling now since we are past lunch time and going into nap time for her... and we haven't even seen a camera yet! I'm livid and completely defeated at this point. I've worked so hard to dress both babies, drive all the way from Holiday (a 45 min drive) and strategically schedule this appointment around feedings and naps just to get a good Christmas picture. When it was finally our turn, our photographer (Gabbor B.) did the best he could but my toddler is flat on the ground, arms & legs flailing, screaming at the top of her lungs - full out temper tantrum! When another associate came to the rescue with bubbles, we were finally able to get a few decent pictures, none of which though show the true spirit of my girls since they are now past nap time and are over tired. We were also only given one background with maybe 3 poses so the few photos that I do have all look similar. I did purchase pictures only because I didn't want to go through that misery again. Our family has been going to Portrait Innovations for years and have never had to wait that long and have always done a great job. My suggestions would be to space out appointments for holiday sessions especially if they include children - the website does have you include age of your children, so shouldn't be that difficult. My youngest will be turning 6 months in January and I plan to do a milestone and possible family photo session if you care to offer a compensation/credit for my beyond horrible experience today, I will return. If not, I will be searching for a new studio.
Session ID: 00096_[protected]_0006C
- Emily Hall

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