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Kathy Brenner
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Jessica R. assti.
Cranberry twp, Pa 16066

We were the first apt of the day.. I had my 2 yr old and 11 yr old grandson was doing xmas photo's. this was our 4th visit to the store.. always walked away with a good experience.. Jessica was real good with the 2 yr old.. but everything fell apart when checking out. I had plan to use my $19.95 coupon. and the 20% off. hoping to only spend around $50. 1st. I end up only using the $19.95 coupon but for some reason ended up paying $42.37. according to Jessice the extra cost is in the FINE PRINT.. there is a charge for the cup and ornament and other charges.. but the coupon says these are included in the 19.95 package.. was going to get a few extra photos. about 3 it took my cost to $71 and then when I checked out it came to $81.. I still can not phytom how! 9.95 went to $42.37.. People do not read fine print.. maybe that is how you do business. but In the long run.. people are going to quit coming.. I will not be back.. I ended up getting 1 photo shot of both kids together. I was hoping to also get one of extra one of each of them but for $81. I am on a limited income.. I can no longer afford coming to your business. and that is a shame because I like you business. sad to say good bye.. I did come home and read the fine print and there was nothing there to say you are being charged for cups and extra.. nothing to explain in the fine print the price jump of a 19.95 coupon only to $42.37

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    Printer was broke..will pick up this coming Saturday 6 days later.

Dec 11, 2018

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