Portrait Innovationsfamily photos

I would normally not say anything but the man who took our photo I believe that he was rushing us and told us with the 29.99 package and the disc we spent little over 300 bucks and yes we have a large family but when appointment was made it was told that there was 25 people in it and it was done for my mom's birthday. We want to purchase extra photos some of us want he said we can't do to we got the disc I that he was getting rude and rushing us to pick photos for the package. I was wanting to purchase a book and a couple other things but he said no I doubt I come back I liked the ladies that always took our photos he was more worried he was late for lunch. Anyway we were planning on spending at least 6oo I have brought my grandson in here for a few years and for the price we paid yesterday I got a heck of alot more things. I am going to be searching for a different place to get photos done he was very unprofessional and rude toword the end and left before the purchase was completed

Jan 16, 2017

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