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Portrait Innovations / terrible job!

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I was an employee of this sham of a company for a year and a half. I worked hard and loved my job. I loved it but HATED the corperation! This Christmas season, in order to help other studios, I traveled to the understaffed studios in my area. In doing so, I was rarely at my studio on the weekends (this is the best time to up your average). My average went down to a 98.50 by the end of Christmas. Portrait Innovations requires they you keep a 100+ average in your sales at all times in order to make your bonus for the year (we are not paid by commission) and keep your job after the Christmas season. How this is possible when they have an ongoing promotion for a 9.95 package, I don't know. I thought I was considered a valued employee. I was one of the top photographers in my studio and my avg was usually very high. Sadly, 2 weeks after Christmas I was given two options: transfer to a studio 50min away from where I lived (mind you, I lived less than 5miles from the studio I was at) or take a two week severance. So much for valued employee. I was told that I should be greatful because people below 100 avg after the holidays get fired on the spot. I unhappily took the offer to transfer only to find out that it wouldn't be processed for "a couple days". Meaning I missed 3 days of work of which I would not be reimbursed.
Not only was I missing out on pay, I now had to travel my hour every day to work which was killer on gas, since they refused to offer a mileage payback for transfers.
When I finally began working for the new studio, I was treated like a child. It was as if they thought I had never worked in a studio before! The girls were snobs and catty towards everyone.
I had decided enough was enough about a month after I started the new studio. I was very ill and had gone to the doctor for testing. I was scheduled to work that day, but my doctor said I needed a few more tests done later that day. I was given a doctors note for the day and called the studio to tell them I wouldnt be in. I was called back 10 min later by my very angry manager telling me I HAD to come in to close the studio that day because it was my "responsibility". So, I would lose my sick pay for the day, drive an hour, work 2 hours, and then drive and hour home! That's when I decided I was done!!! Funny thing is, another employee called off the day before with NO doctors note an was not forced to come in and close the studio as she was scheduled to do so. Who was made to the studio for her that night? ME! How is that fair??! This company cares NOTHING for its employees. In fact, saying anything "bad" about the studio can and will get you sued! They do nothing but play favorites. DON'T WORK FOR THEM!!!

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