PopRealcustomer service complaint

Very disappointing.
I made the purchase on 11/14/18. Sent the request to cancel my order 11/19/18. Didn't hear back in the 48 hours as promised, so I emailed on 11/25. Received a response on 11/26 asking for the item's SKU #, even though I had provided the order # in my email on 11/25. Forwarded my order confirmation email same day. Received response 11/27, advising that they cannot accept my order refund request, because we do not accept cancellation for any orders that had been sent out.
So from 11/19 (when I initially requested to cancel) through 11/25, my order had not yet been shipped, which means I would have still been eligible for order cancellation and/or refund, however the Fedex shipping label was conveniently created on 11/26. I have copy and pasted the time stamp from the Fedex tracking system below:
[protected]:00 Shipment information sent to FedEx
In addition, if you notice in the time line below from my Popreal customer account, it wasn't even sent to "packing" until 11/23.
11.26 17:51 Packing
11.23 07:53 Delivering to Packing Area
11.20 07:51 Quality Checking
11.18 17:54 Order Picking
11.16 17:51 Being Reviewed
11.15 02:50 Order Received
11.15.2018 Payment Confirmed
11.15 02:42 Payment Confirmed

I will be returning the items as soon as I receive a response with the return address. Hopefully not all customers are treated this way.

Dec 12, 2018

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