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My purchases from police auctions us have done nothing but disappoint. Not one of my purchases resembles the jewellery displayed. One item quoted 14crt white gold with 7 diamonds valued at $3300.00, I needed a microscope to even see the chain let alone the pendant and the diamonds are a joke. Took it to a jeweller he just looked at me like I was a fool when I told him what I paid. When I went to send a review it would reject my written word this site only take positive reviews. I believe their office has people bidding on items if the price is too low so they can inflate the price. Yes, I was the perfect sucker (Victim) making 10 purchases for christmas presents, I was too embarrassed to give most of them and had to purchase other gifts so I didn't offend my nearest and dearest. Read the truth which is not allowed to be displayed on the police auction site.
Ps the perfumes are cheaper if you buy them directly from the company. I almost made a purchase for alpha by raphael and saved $100 by buying from the company.
Save you hard earned $$$$ avoid the police auction site

Jan 17, 2017

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