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Bought a Polaris Rush that had a complete engine rebuild from Maddie's... was convinced by salesman Bobby that it would have no issues with sled I would never have a problem with it... blew up within 800 miles... was told about it blowing up so early "it's a two stroke what do you expect"... so I payed the couple thousand to get it repaired... 956 miles in this past year same things blew up AGAIN... In the 2 seasons I rode the sled it spent more time broken than running... so in early February I brought the sled down and told them exactly what was going on with it and that I didn't want it fixed I wanted to know what was causing the problem because it seems like something in the initial warranty fix was missed and we are fixing Parts instead of problem... so in October I called to check on my sled cuz I hadn't heard anything only to find out that they had not started on my sled and they told me that they would get right on it because they didn't know where my sled was down there... so the end of November I called again to check on my sled and I got told that somebody would call me back... few days later I received call saying that my sled was torn apart and diagnosed... this time they wanted to replace the parts again and also replace parts from the warranty rebuild they did saying that that also might be the problem... I myself didn't think I should have to pay for stuff that should have been fixed in the first warranty rebuild but the new service manager and the OWNER OF MADDIES GRAHAM didn't think so and when I persisted I was told "Do you think I want to be working on your sled right now" so I went down and told them I wanted my sled back and I would do the work myself if they just want to replace parts and not fix the problem... After telling them I didn't want them to work on my sled because they had terrible service I was told to "GET THE [censor] OUTSIDE AND WAIT BY YOUR TRUCK.. ILL GET YOUR [censor] SLED" by OWNER GRAHAM OF MADDIES MOTORSPORTS... upon pulling my truck around back to get my sled I received a box full of Parts mixed together when I brought the Box back inside to ask one of the mechanics to help separate and label them he told me he didn't have [censor] time for that [censor] and that he knew what they were so if I knew anything I could figure it out... service manger then put my lower half exposed on the ground then put it in the back of my truck on hay and other debris so it is all inside engine now... I brought in a running sled to be diagnosed while it was running and I told them I did not want them to work on the sled... now I have a sled 10 month later worse of then I was because its in 1000 pieces... Call me asap [protected] Ryan Hynes


Nov 29, 2017

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