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First and last time I will use pods. The only positive experience I had with them was with the drop off and pickup.

Other than that, I have spent the last 8 months fighting with them over billing. For a service that you pay $220 a month for, you would expect much much better back end system that wouldn't randomly charge your bank account for stuff that had already been paid for 6 months prior. I almost hated getting out of bed to check my bank account and pod account because I knew it would result in me having to call customer service and have them "fix the issue" by manipulating the numbers/charges/credits on the account. Only to wake up the next day with a whole new set of issues.

I would never use pods again and I will be sure to go out of my way to make sure no one I know uses pods. As if the experience of going through a move and building a house wasn't stressful enough, pods made my stress level through the roof.

I have a few more weeks with the pod in my driveway, so the current $50 monetary loss could easily go up again... And I suspect it will because of prior rebilling problems.

When I signed up for this service, I did it through a promotion that pods was having. The promotion was, that if I stored with them for 3 or more months I would get a $100 credit. I have never seen that credit to my account and I don't dare call or bring it up because I am sure that it will blow up and I will be charged randomly for something else...

As of today, while looking at the most recent debacle of being recharged for moving blankets that were never delivered... I noticed that my empty pod pickup date was not correct. I scheduled for the 20th and the rep confirmed it would be the 20th, but on my account it says the 10th now... Well, I go to manually change it myself and the system spins and spins and then says that it may take 3-5 minutes to reflect the changes I made. It has now been 30+ minutes. Still no update from the 10th of april.

I have verified each drop off with a pods rep as well and how the container is to be placed, but both times they relayed this information to the loading folks incorrectly and the door to my pod was facing the wrong way, making things difficult to load/unload and also taking up more driveway space than initially intended. *issue* - failure to communicate clearly.

I could go on and on and break down every detail to each phone call and each email conversation I had with a rep, but just typing this up is stressing me out as it is. I do not want to relive the entire last 6 months of this nightmare.

Apr 03, 2017

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