PODStotal scam with tons of hidden charges!

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Well this great experience started by using their extremely user friendly website, where i requested a quote to deliver, pick up, store for two months, and then redeliver my belongings to my new home. The quote i got back was $339.30, not to bad right? Well the pack and store all seemed to go well untill today i call to have my POD delivered to my new house. I get on the phone with some guy in who knows what city, and he says i will owe $120 upon delivery of the pod. WHAT? the delivery fee was only suppose to be $60, and now all the sudden it has doubled! And he goes on to say that well we assumed it was getting redelivered to the same place, really [censored]? Who packs up there entire home and stores it for a month and half just to have it redlivered to the same place? Mind you the new address is exactly 7 miles down the highway.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX Then i ask the guy how much i had paid so far, he went on to tell me that i had been charged the $339.30, which was the original quote, and i had been charged another two hundred and something dollars for another months storage. HUH???? When i requested the quote i specifically said that it was for two or more months storage, from my understanding that original quote covered those two months, apparently not! But that sure wasnt mentioned anywhere in my quote that, the amount was for one month. At this point im getting fuming man and yelling at the poor guy on the phone. What it all boils down to is that they are trying to charge me upwards of $600+ dollars to store my single sixteen foot POD for a month and half. So if you feel like getting extremely ripped off for storage go ahead and use these scam artists PODS. Absolutely rediculous!

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      Jul 20, 2010

    I called them and it was explained to me that they were updating thier web site. I decided to use the service anyway, as I felt thier storage and delivery fees were quite reasonable when compared to renting a truck or hiring movers. I was pleased with thier service, and would reccomend them to anyone. I do agree though thier web site is misleading and needs to be fixed immediatley.

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