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We ordered four pods for our move from minnesota to oklahoma and loaded them ourselves with help from friends and neighbors. The first pod we received (61719bx) was brand new and we put our dining room set and our teak bookcases in this particular pod as well as some other furniture and boxes. That pod was one of the first two to be picked up on may 1st. As we loaded the other pods they were picked up and all were sent to oklahoma to wait on our arrival on may 23rd. We did receive the loaded pods on may 23rd but only removed a few small items from them as we had hired people from arm and dolly to help us remove the furniture and bring it into the house. These three men arrived on may 24th early in the morning and started to unload. As they reached the back of 61719bx and picked up our dining room buffet table, one gentlemen mentioned it felt slimy and wet. One end was covered in mold and water was present. This buffet was next to the teak book case base and to our leather loveseat in this back corner of that pod. All those pieces had water and/or mold damage. One arm of the tan leather loveseat had green specks of mold all over it. Once we unloaded all the pods which went very fast with the help of the three men, we called pods and not only informed them of the damage but asked to have the pods picked up the next day, the 25th. We had been told when we ordered the pods that pick up and delivery was all up to our schedule but pods told us that they could not pick up the pods until early saturday morning on the 27th. They also said someone would get back to us the next day about the damaged furniture. We heard nothing from pods on the 25th. I called them on the 26th and talked to a lillian who told me that no one would be available to discuss our damaged furniture for three to five days. I said that was unacceptable because the mold was growing on our things and needed to be taken care of. When no one called all that day, that evening around 6 I called back (They are suppose to have 24 hour service). The young man told me he would get someone in claims to talk to me and put me on hold. When he came back he said they had all gone for the day but someone would call me on saturday. Of course, no one did. But, saturday morning the driver, don, showed up to start taking back the pods. We told him about the damage and he took not only pictures of our damaged furniture with his cell phone but also the area of 61719bx where the flashing was loose at the top edge of the back of that pod. He noted the water residue on the floor where our furniture had been and water underneath the pod (Had not rained the entire time it was at our new house). We told him that we did not have a washer or a refrigerator in that pod as we were required in minnesota to leave those appliances in the house we sold so the only way water could have gotten into that pod was from the outside. He agreed and told us pods would make it right. He even called his local boss, kevin driver, to get us started on getting things set right. Kevin driver called me clearly irritated that he was being bothered on the saturday of memorial day weekend. He told me it was a corporate problem and not his. I told him corporate was not responding to us and he promised to talk to them. After that, each time don came back to get a pod, he avoided talking to us as we figure mr. Driver told him to shut up. We waited until the tuesday after memorial day to start calling pods again. Lots of promises but no one ever contacted us. It was not until we called discover which pods was billing that we finally, nearly two weeks later, got a notification and emailed claims form to fill out. We were told not to do anything to our furniture as pods implied they would send someone out to look at it. But, we had decided that the mold was only going to get worse and we had already found a furniture repairman who was reasonable and we had given him the buffet table to refinish. It cost $500 (One source wanted over $900 for the same job). We filled out the complaint form but also contacted the consumer affairs division of the attorney general's office of oklahoma and minnesota as we felt we were being ignored for too long. The complaint form was from unirisc. Inc. Which covers pods. We were told it could take up to 30 days to hear back from them. It took until june 15th when they rejected our claim saying that the pod was fine and that "that water damage caused is unknown". They then told us that water damage was excluded from coverage "unless direct force of wind or hail damages the unit causing an opening in a roof or wall and the rain, snow, sleet, sand or dust enters through this opening". We contend that is exactly what happened. And we never received a copy of the insurance policy we were required to have. We were only told when we called as to why our first bill with them on our discover card was so much higher than we anticipated that we had mandatory insurance that would cover anything that happened while in the possession of pods. We protested to debi williams the representative of unirisc inc. And also to discover which has been holding over $3600 in charges from pods over this matter. Debi williams had tried to claim that we did not even complain about the damaged furniture until june 1st but when I pointed out that phone records would prove otherwise she changed her story and admitted we had called them on may 24th. Pods also had claimed twice we had closed that matter in may and only our protests got them to admit that we had not. We recently got a settlement offer from ms. Williams in which pods claims they did nothing wrong and they are only doing it out of goodwill. I have seen this tactic on other complaint forums about them. The settlement is $2600 (Our furniture will and has cost that much to repair) but they want a non-disclosure agreement in which we can never tell anyone again of what they put us through or how much they paid. They also have lied about the dates and circumstances. We have not signed it yet. Tonight we found out that they told discover that we "failed to inspect the pod before we loaded it" so the damage is our fault (Another tactic of theirs). Discover suddenly agreed to let them get back the $3600 but I was furious and got discover to hold off for awhile. I sent discover the contract for the $2700 which kind of shows they are admitting fault without admitting it. Never have a dealt with such terrible, lying company. Our customer id was [protected] and our order id was 288493. They did not answer discover in the 30 days they were given so I am having a hard time understanding why discover now would suddenly find in favor of them especially with such a ridiculous accusation against us (Were we suppose to use a pressure hose to test for leakage from the top of 61719bx before we accepted it and take it out for spin on the interstate in a heavy rainstorm?) they have failed to reply to the attorney general office of minnesota and I got a call monday from william gosiger of the consumer affairs division. He advised us not to sign that contract until we get assurance from pods they will not make any more charges to our credit card and they will not attempt to harm our credit rating. This has been a nightmare.


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  • Ce
      Aug 28, 2017

    We have had the same exact problem and they are trying to charge us for a replacement pod in addition to not pay for any damages
    They also asked if we had inspected the pod - which we did and there were no obvious leeks
    What happened with our is the mold was wicking from the moisture on the ground and grew up through the boards from the base that was on the outside ground area
    I am mortified by this company
    Their newer pods no longer use wood on the base - or as support beams on the side - they use metal which I am sure is to eliminate such problems
    I have turned down the replacement pod as I am unwilling to accept it if I have to pay for it -as I am sure they will use this as a tactic to say that I was pleased with their service
    Additionally, they will not pay for movers to transport the belongings from my moldy pod to a new pod. Truly deplorable customer service.

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