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We scheduled our cross country move with PODS based upon their business model and and "supposed" ease of getting our belongings back. Not so much... When we called to have the PODS delivered I was told that due to PODS error they never left the original city (over 1, 600 miles away) and that it would be over 2 weeks before I got them delivered. Now we'll be staying in a hotel for another two weeks at $1, 000. Did they offer compensation for our inconvenience? Nope. Did they take anything off the storage? Uh huh. Just a brief apology and another bill for $2, 700. Thanks for nothing folks. Why advertise the convenience if you can't deliver (literally)?

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  • Co
      Jul 20, 2010

    Dear Yovich,

    We are in receipt of your complaint with PODS Enterprises, Inc and we are concerned about the service you are reporting. We would like to assist with bringing some resolution to the situation. Would you please provide your PODS Enterprises, Inc. account information via email address below and we would be happy to assist. We have also provided a toll free number for your reference.

    Thank you


    [protected] ext. 6303

    PODS Enterprises, Inc.

    The Best Moving & Storage Idea Ever.

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  • Je
      Sep 23, 2010


    PODS will reimburse you. You just have to know the right channels to go to. Document EVERYTHING...whenever you call in to PODS ask for the name of the person that you spoke to. If that person puts you on hold he or she is going to their supervisor amd then to the manager. Write a letter to the President of the company (this does work...I have seen it happen) and tell him about the experience you had with PODS and give him the names of the people that you spoke with. Get your Lawyer involved...this works also. Don't give up...I worked for PODS for about 5 years and saw how customers would send a letter to the President of the company that heads would role. This wasn't your fault so you shouldn't be out any money. Get your credit card company involved...customers did this way too often when they didn't receive compensation. Don't give up...

    Good luck.

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