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Cabanatuan City, PH
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I am a paying “before due-date” pldt customer since several years. My income is made over the internet. No internet for me doesn't mean no facebook for entertainment. No or slow internet means - no income or in other words no money for paying my bills.

Today is 26. March 2017 another day with slow internet and connection-losses. Another day pldt cuts down my income to 50% for not repairing the line. Since 02. Feb. 2017 my internet-connect makes serious problems. (Can be proved by many screenshoots). I complained first 02. Of febuary. Not even a ref. Number I got. Only nice words. I waited a week. Sometimes looked like selfrepair, than I complained again. Nothing happened.

Since march I complain about 1 time per day. (172) I final got a reference-number [protected] and a lot of promises, that a repair-team will come out. At least I talked, besides the technics to the billingstation. I have about 10 % of the sold speed. Instead of 3.5 mbps I have 0, 17 – 0.35. So I gave last friday a last chance to repair the line till today (Monday) or I cut of my payments by 90 %. I pay for what I get. 10%. At least I don't thrust the documentation of pldt, that's why I place this on the board.

As the line worked in past it was ok. But pldt offers you 0 service, if anything don't work. Only nice and friendly excuses, but 0 help. See what happens. I hope pldt sue me, so we meet at curt..
Falko Söhne

Mar 27, 2017

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