PLDT / customer service is useless

manila, Philippines

We filed for an address transfer on November 19th, and we were told it would be about a week for the installation team to hook up our service at our new address. It is now December 29th, one month and ten days later, and we still do not have service. The level of incompetence from your installation staff, and your customer service staff is beyond words. First whoever handled the initial transfer request did not enter in the new address. Then the installation staff did not bother to call to find out what the address was, we know you had our phone number on file because you sent us 2 texts apologizing for the delay. We found this out after we finally called to find out what was taking so long, the Rep then told us that everything was corrected and someone will show but no one showed up so I call again just to find out that all the interaction I had with that rep was not notated, today is my 7 times calling you if I'm not mistaken but still not settled was asking for a supervisor today on the two rep have spoken but doesn't care first rep seems like doesn't hear me and second rep said that supervisor will call me back so bad customer service, not to mention that pldt build us one month in which we don't have any service.
Pldt should have fully equipped people that knows what their doing being a customer service!
By the way phone number [protected]

Dec 28, 2014

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