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This is the 5th time I have written now and this is getting ridiculous and very frustrating, on Saturday the 6th may 15.40 GMT I had a bonus on ruby gold. 49million a spin, . I got 35 mil x 21 then a 10 x multiplier I got awarded 735 million it should be 7.35 billion. My total at the end of the bonus was [protected]. So it definitely didn't credit the x10 win just 735 million . I have a photo it just won't upload here.
I can't believe I'm having to go through this just to get my winnings and it's not even my error.
You can see exactly what's going on why do you keep giving me the run a round. I will not let this go as again the shocking gameplay over the past few months is disgusting, the only decent win I get and you don't even pay up, this is not the first time either, really I do love this game that's why I still keep playing and putting up with this .
I am going to send my last 4 emails regarding this issue to the CEO to see if anyone else can help me in this situation, as no help is coming from customer support.
You dont have to admit your machine is at fault, I just want my coins what I won.
So for the last time I would really appreciate some help.
Have a good day
Kind regards
Spinner 562
I have sent ticket numbers, INC1714774
I did get 2 replies to to IN1714774 but no one is listening.

May 10, 2017

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