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One other thing I almost forgot to. I was told from a friend who had a former friend that use to work for them that they point cameras in the dressing room!! Please be aware of this please look into this main corporate this is not right for our privacy.. Also there is a worker not sure if she is the manager or lead there her name is toni back length hair dark brown color short bangs, wears glasses not a a fit person to be working in retails from the way she was dressing she was the one who did my buys she told me my items were older styles/don't sell well in their store when I look down what she had on look like she just rolled out of bed and went to work and for her to judge my clothes please dear look at your self before acting. That store needs help serious help.. Also the owner feels salty when you put your notice in cause leaving she tells you flat out to go ahead and leave no need to finnish your notice. Good luck in getting a reference from high point pc

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    I went into the PC in high point NC before thanksgiving workers are rude looks at your items you bring in wasn't worth their time to sort through... bad already enough they tell me my items are older style and my items don't sell well for their store that is very upsetting there can be other ways to address proper ways of telling us as customers/seller .. and they follow customers all over the store like they will steal makes also very uncomfortable to shop for owner that runs that place I heard she was to tell her workers to judge of how the people looks to keep close eye on who comes in that's very judgmental how do you know what type of people to follow ..workers comes up to us shoppers every sec ask if we are finding everything ok which is polite to ask but not every sec makes me feel like I trying to steal something me I work hard and I never intend to do bad nature or a such crime as stealing in a place like that. The owner she doesn't give proper customer service seems she's always eye balling more.. she treats her workers like crap can't ever keep anyone working there long enough to learn how to ring someone up because of the way she is she talks to you as if you're below her or stupid I wanted to apply there at one time by me knowing someone that knows people use to work for her isn't never a place I want to retire I just do as I do be a honest paying customer and I'll never ever sell my items there I know my clothes are not older style which i purchase within the time frame they obey their policy by why would I take something more then 5-10years old or not instyle no longer knowing I'll waste my time and theirs be serious high point PC .. this location needs to be shut down asap or needs the main franchise to step them up to better there store or they will not have happy customers no longer .i notice everytime I go in there I see a sweet girl there next couples I go back they say she's gone cause of the owner of how badly she treats them!!! The place is so small and clutter as me and my small infant walks through that store my stroller is hitting other shoppers and it's very difficult to shop there cause of the space !! Please shut that place down or help them!! This is the only PC I went to that doesn't have a Clarence rank place is already over priced as is... I'm sorry just not a happy customer when it comes down to this one I been to others they have been more kind

Dec 03, 2016

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