Plato's Closetwhat is wrong with these girls??

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I am very displeased with the service I recieved at Plato's Closet in Manchester, CT. I brought in an entire bag of clothes which were fairly new, stainless, and in style. I left my clothes there for an hour. they were not ready when I got back to the store, though I was told they would be.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Manchester, CT I had to walk around the store for another half hour waiting for my clothes to be looked through (I believe this is done on purpose in the hopes that you will purchase more of their merchendise). When my clothes were finished being looked through, I was told they had stains?? And that they could offer me 6 dollars and 37 cents for the clothes they took, mind you it was about 10 shirts and a skirt.. I left. Thank you so much for the embarassment.

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  • Do
      Jan 20, 2012

    I went to the rochester new york location and had the same bad experience as everyone else. They said my clothes were "worn" etc. and was not offered any money for them. Many of their items on the rack were in poor condition. I don't they have a very high volume going out based on the amount on the racks, so are trying to reduce what is coming in. Ditto to being able to get better prices elsewhere.

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  • Cd
      Dec 17, 2012

    I went into the platos closet in Williston, vt I brought all clean nice stuff american eagle, Levi's, old navy, American eagle, LEI shoes and all was turned down except two sweaters and a couple pairs of earrings for 11.05 WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS DO U HIRE THERE THEY NO NOTHING OF WHAT TO BUY. I told them they were a joke and a waste of time and I would never enter there store again. I will thank the idiot ### that denied my stuff though for being so unbelievably stupid walking back to vehicle a woman and her daughter saw me carrying box of shoes out made $100.00 outside from woman and her daughter 2 pairs LEI clogs (denied by ###) 1 pair Anne Michelle heel boots (denied by the ###) 1 american eagle skirt (also denied by the ###) and 1 cordoroy skirt ( again denied by the ###) so in closing I will never waste my time or my clothing in there but at same time THANKS FOR BEING AND IDIOT THAT KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT CLOTHES!!!

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  • Cr
      Dec 14, 2018

    @cds9442001 YEEESSSSS! My sentiments exactly!!

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