Pink and Victoria’s Secret / the fact that x large is not sold anymore

When I first became a Victoria's Secret customer, I was able to buy x large shirts that are long sleeved. I like wearing very baggy clothing. I am a size small, but larger clothing is just much more comfortable for me. I also don't understand why that size was taken. Both my sister and mother are a lot larger than I am, and need those sizes. It is not fair that a lot of people now cannot shop there due to this. Also, I buy size large underwear boy shorts, and I am a size small in joggers. So how is someone who buys size large joggers supposed to fit into large underwear? I could buy a medium, but again, I like larger sizes. It seems like the sizing has changed in underwear too. Please bring back size x large, it's only right that you do so.
Thank you for your time, Natalia Kostruba

Oct 23, 2018

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