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PictureMe / No one is ever there or returns messages for an appointment

1 Woodburn, OR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 503-981-1817

This studio is located in walmart in woodburn, oregon. I've called to set up an appointment and all i ever get is the answering machine. I've left messages but no one has ever called me back. Whenever we go in there the place is never open and no one is there. Once, we happened to catch a girl right before she was about to leave and close up early to go to a dr.'s appointment so she did our daughter's first pictures real quick. Those were supposed to be an important first and it was rushed and the girl didn't even seem to care what the pictures looked like. Of course we bought them anyway b/c that was the first and only time so far she's had her pictures "professionally" done. what a disappointment!!! If they are going to close they should just close for good or at least have the courtesy to call someone back.

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  • Vi
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    I have had nothing but GOOD experiences with the portrait studio in Wal-Mart in Mason City. The photographers are very friendly, they try hard to please you and the pictures are top notch quality. This is not a complaint, but a testimony of the good service I have had. Thank you Marcie and the rest of them there!

  • Wi
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    Sirs: I needed a few pictures of me without having a friend, or member of the family take them. Noticed your add at Wal-Mart, and stopped in. Studio 05030 Photographer MISTY. I was in, and out in no time. Misty was very good, and did the best she could. Taking into consideration the subject she had to work with. I have no complaints. It was a pleasant experience. If at all possible please let Misty know that she's doing a good job. Bill W

  • Th
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    The studio in cabot arkansas was amazing. They were really energetic and i just really had an amazing time and came out with some of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen.

  • Ki
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I had awful experience with PictureMe studio! Beware people! Do not go there!

  • Ni
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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  • Am
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    I manage the PictureMe in Scottsbluff, NE. And really, if you have a bad experience once, or at a particular studio, you cannot say ALL PictureMe studios have terrible service. It really depends on the photographer. I have pride in my studios great customer service and quality photography that happens in my studio every day! I urge you to try another PictureMe, if not a different photographer- a different store. We can do great things now, such as photo enhancements (colored eyes on a black and white print, faded edges, text...) New camera angles, floor poses... THE LIST GOES ON!!! Not to mention our prices are the lowest in the industry. When it comes to paying for what you get were an A+++++++!!! If you are anywhere near NE, come into Scottsbluff and see me!

  • Va
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    To Wal-Mart Canal Winchester Store Manger, Picture Me Studio Corporate Manager & Picture Me Experience Customer Service:

    Due to the my recent experience, I am highly upset and agitated in regards to the treatment I received from your representative at the Picture Me Studio located in the Wal-Mart Super center store in Canal Winchester, Ohio. I have worked in customer service for some years now, so I expect the up most service when I am on the receiving end. The behavior of the Picture Me representative, Samantha, was rude, unhelpful, uninformative, and absolutely unacceptable. I am very upset and after some time I am still unable to forget this experience.

    I attempted to call the customer service number though I was on hold waiting for a representative for over a half and hour. Due to my work schedule this solution seemed better suited for me. Although, I am still very dissatisfied and I expect a resolution to follow.

    My boyfriend and I wanted to get a Christmas picture taken. His aunt also wanted to get a group picture including my boyfriend with her children. So we decided it would be better suited for us to do it all the same time. We called and made the appointment. When we placed the appointment we made not only one, but we scheduled two appointments. Nothing was said to us at the time, when clearly we all knew each other.

    On December 2, 2007 we arrived for our scheduled appointments, your representative, Samantha, told my boyfriends aunt, Kathy to pick their background. Then a few moments later she asked me to the same. I couldn't choose so I just walked back to the portrait room with them. Samantha posed my boyfriend and her children. After a few pictures she said 'Is this going to be the promo picture'. We said 'Yes!' we liked it, at the time we knew nothing was to come from this decision. A few more pictures were taken of them and Samantha asks out of nowhere as if she were shocked I hadn't been in the room the whole time and she didn't see us all walk in together. 'Are you and him taking pictures next?' I replied 'Yes!' Not understanding the purpose of her question. She said 'Hold on a minute' and walks out of the room. She quickly returns 'I can't take your pictures next.' I again, confused replied 'Why?' she responds with 'Corporate only allows us one promo picture per group'. From this point on everything that she said she added 'Corporate says so' which I thought was highly unprofessional. It was also highly un-informative that she was not upfront with this information. I still do not understand why she waited until she locked in our promo picture to let us know it was one picture per group. She then convinced us it would be cheaper to take pictures in his aunt package. Unsatisfied, but with no other options we do so. I was very angry by this time and I feel that we were very misled. Your representative should have let us know all the catches to the fine print. We were all unaware of this in the beginning.

    After some time past, Samantha called us to the back to look at the prints. We started looking at them and I then realized how expensive it was going to be to get my prints I need, the prints I would have received in my promo package. I looked at his aunt waiting for her to decide. She noted I only need one ten by eight. We tried every option we could think of because, I obliviously needed more pictures. Of course we couldn't change the promo picture to my boyfriend and mines picture because 'Corporate say so'. Infact, Samantha kept replying corporate will not allow me to, as if she were the victim. His aunt ended up cutting the promo picture because she did not need those pictures. We ended up getting a combine package spending of 79.99 plus tax. This could have been avoided, and was extremely unnecessary.

    What I am still confused about today is, your representative Samantha, took our appointments together, saw us walk in together, saw my boyfriend in there pictures, knew we were next, and asked me to pick out a background for our pictures next. Yet never spoke one word about any regulations until after the promo picture was locked in.

    I find this kind of uninformative service very distasteful and I hope you don't encourage this behavior. I understand the regulations, what I don't understand is not having Samantha trained enough to explain to your customers the regulations before taking pictures. If she had it wouldn't have been a problem at all. I would be happy because my boyfriend and I would have taken the promo picture had a package we needed and his aunt could have bought one eight by ten she needed. Though we were uninformed!

    This brings me to another point I work in commission, I sure hope Samantha did not receive commission off of selling us this package because how many other customers has she been tricking. This can not go on she needs the proper training; your representatives represent your company. She did a very poor job and I will never use this portrait studio again nor will I indorse other people to do so. I work in customer service and I would have never treated a customer as if she had that day. She never offered any assistance to us and she only replied a hundred times 'Corporate says so'. I don't know if you Condon this level of service but it was totally unprofessional.

  • Sa
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Dear Picture me studios,

    Me and my fiance got our pictures done at the Studio in Allegany New York at the Wall Mart.Our appoitment was at 5:00 and we got there at five o'clock, it took about two hours for us to get in there and take pictures.Then finally we got our pictures done it took another half an hour to pay for it because she rang us up wrong.She said our total came to $68.00, for one sheet of eight wallets, and 20 christmas cards.The worker was very slow at her work and i would suggest no one else goes there.

    Sara cummings

  • At
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    Yeah they had some pretty ### policies when they were Film. She was just covering her ### as not to get fired, but she did it poorly in a way that upset the customer.

  • Gr
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    As a photographer at PictureME, just want to say to rate every PictureMe the same is Wrong! You will find friendly smiley faces at our studio. It is a long process to get you in and out so be patient! Especially if we have a newborn who has to stop and feed or go and get changed. I always ask when booking appts for people do you have little ones? I try to set you up behind a couple and visa versa so the wait wont be long...maybe thats something CPI(PictureMe) needs to discuss at meetings is how to better manage appts...
    Our studio trys very hard to get you in and give you the best experience in pictures then you have ever had before. It takes approx 15 min to get pictures taken and 1/2 hour to sell them and get you all set up, rung up and out. So look at 45 min to get pictures done. I recently had a family that came in for pictures who had 3 little ones and they got several calls on their cell phone, and I over heard them say about 10 minutes into the session Well were STILL here at the picture place getting our pictures done and guess we wont be able to meet you after all...or they try to rush us...then have the gall to complain so they can get something free. Remember its going to take some time to get some beautiful pictures that your going to want to cherish for the rest of your lifetime.
    When you come to TX area come check out our studio!

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