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Our Pick'n Save stores throughout WI were sold by Roundy's to Kroger. Shortly after the sale I started to notice a total decline in the stores, availability of course it is Kroger brand, therefore, everything had to be moved to Kroger's liking and finding anything was well very time consuming. I notice the negative change in every store I went into. I was in fact used to the pride and cleanliness that was Roundy's for many many years and well a person comes to expect that. The store I frequent most as it is close is at 1220 W. Sunset in Waukesha. Following are some recent examples within the past month and except for tonights experience the general store manager was made aware of them. He of course effectively called me a liar and said he only ever gets compliments on his store and he could have cared less. I told him as I am telling everyone now, if it weren't for the fact that this store has a salad bar and the closest Sentry does not I wouldn't set foot in this store. I will list out my concerns some are more concerning than others:

I was used to Roundy's breaking up a large packet of dinner rolls as I can freeze them but it is just the two of us and I prefer not to. They now refuse even if there is an empty slot in the cabinet, they say we can not do that corporate orders, we do not even have a code for that.

In general employees seem totally disgusted with their jobs. I am a small business owner and as such hire people and deal with everyone wanting to start at the top and work there way up and the lack of work ethic in todays times, but that doesn't seem to be it at Pick n save now.

I had wanted a $50 bill at the customer service desk rather than 2 twenties and a 10. The representative say about 28 without checking said curtly we don't have any. I asked if she could check she said I don't have to I know we don't have any, I asked if the checkouts might have one, she said no all of our money goes to the bank. I said in 5 minutes, I said lots of people pay cash for their groceries and lots of them, finally she said "WE ARE NOT A BANK". Very loud and very rude. I went to Target and they were very accomadating and willing to help.

Then there are the check out lines. Between 5 and 6 pm. One line open and everyone else standing around babysitting the self check outs. Now I am 60. I get today's generation is very happy with that concept. But I am not and neither are pregnant women and families with small children. I feel very strong that if I am going to do all the work and some lazy no good is going to stand and watch that there should be something off my grocery bill or I should be put on the payroll. One particular night that is what was happening, two guys were watching the bannanas grow and everyone else was talking amongst themselves. I went to customer service and asked if they could open another line, well you would have thought I had asked them to open the safe. They did it but not without grumbling.

That same day I noticed how filthy the frozen vegetable fixtures were, open bags vegetables all over the bottom, fairly bare, dirt, all this in a store that what has been remodeled for maybe a year.

So the day I called the manager was after the night I bot a salad at the salad bar and wound up eating plastic. It made me gag, but I told myself it was the plastic from the lettuce and was thankful I hadn't served that portion to Jerry, well at least he didn't say anything.

So tonight, well today. Having looked at the totally dark and wilted lettuce at the salad bar, common place for that store, I decided to get the fixings from the salad bar and buy a head of organic lettuce as our main course was BLT's, get it bacon tomatoe and lettuce. I opened up the organic head and the bulk of it was dark brown and black. I salvaged about 4 pieces out of the entire so that we could each have one sandwhich. That is going back tomorrow for a refund, the head of lettuce was not that expensive but it scared me and had I had something else planned I wouldn't have threw it in a corner. Jerry is 64 and up on a hot roof every day in construction. I was thinking of a cooler sandwhich for him.

I think the manager's name is Matt, I will likely as for him tomorrow. When I ate the plastic he was unconcerned and didn't offer to reimburse the $9.00 for the salad. I had no intention of writing but the lettuce tonight was enough. I will likely call customer service as well tomorrow. I hope you take this all seriously. Or do you wait until someone gets sick. I once ran into someone that told me how much money the ceo and his wife spent on wine. None of my business, but when the quality that they are providing to the public is one step about dirty off brand heavily trafficked grocery it does make you take pause. Without customers he wouldn't be buying all that wine.

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    I have to apologize for my spelling and grammar. I wrote quickly and well today's computers are very sensitive! I do not apologize for the content. It is all accurate and actually sad.

Jun 13, 2018
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    What's sad is your inability to pay your bills.

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