Pick N Pay Southdalepaying for a lights voucher - monies gone thru my cheque account and no voucher issued

On friday 30/11/2018 - bought electricity voucher from pick and pay south dale - transcation on my cheque account went thru but no electricity voucher received - cashier advised me that transcation will be reversed same night - on checking on saterday monies was gone thru the bank account - went out of my way to store - spent over 1hrs -15min to be told city power is closed over the weekend - gave my details and had assurance everything will be sorted out on monday - can come thru and get voucher number - arrived at store on monday after work - nothing done - info desk phone someone at city power and again assurance was there that it will be action immeaditly - on way frm store received sms with refrence cpweb 2368501 was received
before boarding 2nd taxi call from city power came informing me that voucher number will be sent by sms
nothing happened - tried calling city power - unable to get thru - phoned pp customer complaint - put thru supervisor mickey - again assurance that all is taken care of - received call from one of the employee informig me to go to city power to resolve problems
i iformed her that i want my moey back and she insisted that they cannot do that and must sort out with city power - i iformed her that i paid pp southdale and not city power and am coming to collect my money - this is absoutly poor service coming from a large organisation
such as pick and pay - tried calling the store manager the phone keeps ringing with no answer

Dec 04, 2018

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