Pick n Pay / pick and pay management

tembisa, South Africa

I went to pick and pay in tembisa at tembi mall today I needed to buy tampax on the shelf the tampax was advertised at a price of 19.99 but at the counter they priced me 54.99 . I don't know how such a huge difference could occur . That is the first complaint. the second complaint is that there is a lady working at this very pick and pay she is a loan shark and she harasses me in front of other customers . she borrowed me money and I failed to pay the whole amount of tried to discuss with her that ill pay on a monthly basis but she refused to that suggestion now every time I go to the shop she will come to me and confront me in front of other customers about her money I even feel scared to go to pick and pay anymore. you should really assist me thanking you in advance.
Yvonne Vorster [protected]

Jan 31, 2017

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