Pick n Payno express tills at pick n pay carlton centre (johannesburg)

I visited pick n pay carlton centre on the 29th of november 2018 around 18:00. Queues were out the door however that is expected as it is month end. What shocked me was they do not have express tills and I was expected to join the same queue with the people with grocery trolleys while I was just buying 1 item. A loaf of bread to be specific. How does this make sense. The manager made the experience even worse, cant greet, just boldly telling me there is no express tills I must join the long queue. How come this pick n pay doesn't have express tills and other pick n pays have. Do they not understand the difference of an express till??? Why the other pick n pays have this service and they don't. Even shoprite has express tills, when are we catching up at pick n pay carlton.

Do they have a service manager, if so what is his/her mandate??? Please make me understand this situation, I really don't get it.

Dec 04, 2018

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