Pick n Pay East Rand Mall / double billing

East Rand Bolsburg, ZA

I bought groceries at Pick n Pay East Rand Mall yesterday 17th March 2017 first I asked the cashier to withdraw cash she said she didn't have enough notes in her register then I told her I will pay with my card then I punched in my pin number then she started complaining and said I should try again when I punched my pin the second time the machine declined which time I checked my cellphone notification and it showed me that I was already billed I tried again the second time and it declined again. Long story short I paid twice for the same groceries first with my debit card then with cash as they claimed that there was no proof to them to show I had been debited the first time but I have proof which shows that I had been debited. Then they claimed that they did a reversal I should wait for 24hours for the money to return into my acoount. This is really popostorous having to pay for the same bill twice. I am upset and angry when I called the store today 18th March they told me I must wait until Monday. I just don't understand what am I waiting for because they already billed me and I've got proof fro. the bank statement to prove that I already paid. Today the claim is that they are offline.
Pick n Pay please advice further beacause this is really not fair business practice at all its actually robery.

Pick n Pay East Rand Mall

Mar 18, 2017

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