Pick n Pay / deli - old stinking pastrami

Canal Walk Branch PnP, United States

Good day,

Sent the below email to the customer service "[protected]" email address found on the website, still havent received any response, absolutely pathetic service!!

Date of purchase 27 jan 2019

Email dated 30 jan 2019 below:

Good day pnp,

Re: outdated pastrami purchased at your canal walk outlet.

As you can see I purchased the pastrami on sunday, 27 jan and to my shock monday when I opened the plastic, it was extremely smelly as you can see it's the colour blue in colour. I must add - the chicken pastrami was ok however not the freshest either.

Normally I would simply bypass taking time to write an email and decide to instead discard of goods im unsatisfied with as the stores are usually too far out of reach, but one can simply not continue dismissing these issues since it's a lost to the customer and always a gain to the store.

My email reaches you in hope that you would encourage your deli staff to check the goods on display and ensure that the best "fresh" quality cold meats are always supplied, it was most disappointing and quite a learning purchasing from the deli, as I would normally find myself purchasing the vacuum packed goods at the halaal area hence most pnp's lack accommodation for halaal preference.

I hope to hear back from you and that your best efforts will reassure quality delivery.

Kind regards

Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay

Feb 11, 2019

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