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On 19 November 2018 I purchased products worth R482.70 from Pick n Pay Gezina Branch, Pretoria. On each product a discount was given to a total amount of R102.06, thus the total purchase value before discount was R584.76.

Whilst tendering my credit card for payment I also presented my Bonus Stamp Booklet (BSB) worth R100 value. After the receipt was printed, I observed that the value for the BSB was entered as 0.00. the amount paid was R482.70. Strange but immediately a floor superwiser was present when i enquire from Sarah Modula the Cashier why R100 value was not deducted from the pruchase price since i would have paid R382.70!
I was not given a satisfactory answer. the cashier only received the BSB when see rang all the products.
I reported the matter to the Manager but to date haven't received any feedback.
I hereby request you to immediately investigate this matter as I am of the view that cashiers may have taken R100 cash from the till every time a BSB is being present for which 0.00 value was entered on the receipt
My contact details are: TAP de Beer, [protected], email [protected]

Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay

Dec 10, 2018

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