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Mary-Anne Hattingh is Taking awfully long to investigate with no feedback whatsoever! Maybe she requires the assistance of the Scorpions? This matter as confirmed by Mary Anne a price of R649 or a board of R599 doesn't match the scan price of R300 so the Scanright Gimmick is back! Something so simple to understand has been escalated from higher grade to Super grade to understand!
Aashil Maharaj
Oh really! When I asked you to view camera footage for the 18th Feb and to confirm that there was no computer barcode on the RH Fan u bluntly refused. Only when I sent u the proof then only u want to investigate! Why didn't u believe me originally? Do u think I'm MAD or ###ED that I will call a Manager (Thabo) if the item scanned correctly? Do you think I'm stupid? Or is it just because I'm Indian? Are u part of the Marwaan and Alta Scam? So called regional customer service manager, what a joke! I have suffered a lot of humiliation and a justified compensation is necessary! Just as Alta was so bullish as to she would do anything to protect the pick n pay brand, I'm prepared to create public awareness of the Scanright SCAM policy! I have suffered a lot of bad attitude and time in this matter SO a question To ALTA SOLOMON how much compensation to protect the Pick n Pay Brand?SPECIAL THANKS TO MEGAN POWER AT SUNDAY TIMES. Thanks to you Mary- Anne Hattingh that you confirmed that there was a computer Barcode of R649-95 as I was sure there was no Barcode except for the Display board R599-00! But when I scanned it displayed R300 that's when I met THABO(manager). But either way R649 or R599 is not R300 what it scanned! Is this so hard to understand? Trust me its not Higher Grade! Pick n Pay is just wasting my Time and consumers time with this SCANRIGHT GIMMICK! Mary-Anne Hattingh still hasn't got back to me as discussed Monday 26 Feb 2013
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Aashil Maharaj
I have met with Alfa Solomon and Marwaan (customer service store manager) at 4.30pm at the Canal Walk Store Thursday 21 FEB.

The meeting was unsuccessful as both Alfa and Marwaan already decided on the outcome and wasn't prepared to listen! Marwaan is very shrewd as I explained that Russel Hobbs Tower fan is only one and there is no other models or variants so the picture I sent to you with the display board R599-95 and picture of the box and barcode is obviously Scanright policy.

This both denied so Marwaan said if I have a picture of the scanned price which I said NO but said Thabo is well aware of it. He said no I don't have the picture! So I said are U and Thabo prepared to Lie which he smirked. So I asked where is the integrity if senior management from Pick n Pay can Lie, where's the ethics? Alfa then said Pick n Pay is a brand and she would do anything to protect the brand! So assume she too can lie to protect the brand? What a circus!

I haven't met anyone as shrewd as Marwaan and he thinks he's clever and conniving. But thinks is operative word. Just to burst his bubble, I actually do have a picture of the scanned price and just like Alfa I'm too prepared to go to any lengths to expose this racket which lacks integrity and definitely will create public awareness.

I am sending you the pictures of the Display board, Box, Barcode and the Scanned Price! I am busy preparing letters for Hello Peter, Complaints board and I am gathering all my relevent emails including all that I sent to [protected] which was never replied and forwarding it to Megan Power at Sunday Times Consumer Watch. Imagine [protected] is the store email address and not to receive any reply is shocking. This just proves how disorganised the Canal Walk Store is and the managers like Thabo and believe it or not Marwaan who is the so called Customer Services manager Can't handle customer complaints. You need managers who is honest and has integrity, imagine both Marwaan and Thabo is prepared to lie for each other! This incident has definitely left a huge dent in Pick n Pay's integrity! Luckily I didn't put all my cards on the table as I was dealing with such managers!

Please take a look at the pictures!

Thanking you
A Maharaj
Feb 22 at 2:16pm

Pick n Pay

Feb 26, 2013

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