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Nagraj S Murthy
401, Shivalik, Behind Chitralekha
150 Feet Ring Road,
Kalawad Road,
Rajkot. (Gujarat)
Phone: [protected] Mobile:[protected]
email: nagraj.[protected]

CUSTOMER CARE: [protected]
TV Model: 29PT8836/94 Product No.: DN1A [protected]
Date of Purchase: 24.09.2006 Amount Paid: `.24449.99
28.07.2010 TV stopped working lodged complaint with the service centre engineer. He inspected the TV and advised it to be taken to the service centre for repairing.
03.08.2010 Due to heavy rains the TV was taken on 03.08.2010 and was informed that by Saturday i.e., 07.08.2010 the TV will be ready.
09.08.2010 Inquired at the service centre and was informed that some part has to come from there Ahmedabad office as such it will take some time and by Saturday i.e., 14.08.2010 the TV will be ready.
16.08.2010 On inquiry was informed that the TV is not serviceable as company has stopped manufacturing the model and parts are not available. Company is working out some solution and I will be informed of it.
Daily I was inquiring with the service centre and was getting the same reply that we have not received email from their office.
21.08.2010 Service Centre in-charge Mr. Bala tried to contact their Ahmedabad Office but there was no response. He contacted Baroda Office and I was told by Mr. Bala to select TV and inform them on which they will offer me some discount. On inquiry of how much discount would I get I was told that it depends on the model I select. I told them to either give me in writing or send me email regarding their offer and terms & conditions. (Till Date not received any response)
24.08.2010 Contacted their Customer Care and had a talk with Mr. Dev in detail. He informed me to wait for 48 hours and the company will respond with some solution. I offered him 72 hours for the response.
27.08.2010 As my offer of 72 hours was over without any response from the company I again contacted the service centre at 9.30 am and talked to Ms. Muskan as I was told that Mr. Dev was not available. So again I had to narrate to her everything and the response was that an executive of company will call me by 12.00 noon.
Waited up to 2.00 p.m and then again contacted the Customer Care Centre and this time it was Ms. Komal on the line. So once again had to repeat so many things and was informed that within 5 minute some executive will contact me.
Waited till 5.45 p.m (almost more than 3 ½ hours) and not receiving any call again contacted Customer Care and luckily Ms. Komal was on the line so was saved from repeating everything. I was told that only after contacting the service centre at Rajkot they will contact me and that they are not able to contact the service centre at Rajkot as nobody is receiving the phone. I was surprised that I was every time getting reply from the service centre at Rajkot and the company people are not receiving response. I gave them the landline number and the mobile number to which they said they have this number.
28.08.2010 At around 9.30 a.m again called the Customer Care and this time it was Mr. Vikas. Fortunately I had not to repeat everything but the reply was they are not able to contact service centre at Rajkot and by afternoon they will call me back.
29.08.2010 At around 10.00 a.m called Customer Care and this time it was Mr. Naman. Again the reply was same they are not able to contact the service centre at Rajkot and today being Sunday it will be possible only tomorrow so I will have to wait.
Called Mr. Bala of Service Centre Rajkot at around 10.30 a.m and was informed by him the Customer Care people had contacted him day before yesterday i.e. on 27.08.2010 and he has given all the details to them.
30.08.2010 At around 9.40 a.m called Customer Care and this time it was Mr. Saumil. Again the reply was same will respond after contacting the service centre at Rajkot and I told that Service Centre person has confirmed that he has given all the details but still Mr. Saumil said that they will talk to the service centre people after it opens at 10.00 a.m and will revert back at 11.00 a.m to which I told him that I will call back at 12.00 noon.
Shri Bala of the service centre called in the afternoon and said that if I confirm company will give me another TV which may not be in Box but electronically the piece will be fresh. I demanded for Slim Model but he said that since company has stopped manufacturing the slim model may not be available. Not having any option I said OK for the offer.
07.09.2010 Due to the Janmastami festival I did not think it right to remind and hence today when I contacted Mr. Bala of the local service centre he asked me to talk to Shri Saini on Mobile No.[protected] as he is the head and he will be taking the decision. Tried to contact number of times but either the number was busy, or network busy and once the phone rang and was disconnected.
Contacted Customer Care at 11.30 a.m. and this time it was Ms. Anchal. Again all the confirmations and then she transferred the call to Shri Asif, Floor Supervisor which got disconnected. Again I contacted Customer Care and this time it was Ms. Anju again all confirmation and the call was transferred to Mr. Asif. I explained to him everything the service centre people told me today. The call was disconnected in between. He again called me back and asked me to wait till 2.00 p.m. by which time he will enquire with Mr. Saini and inform me.
I waited up to 3.20 p.m and on not receiving any call I again contacted the Customer Care and this time it was Ms. Anju and on confirming name and phone number she asked me to hold the line as she will connect me to Mr. Asif. I was on hold for 15 minutes and was asked to wait as Mr. Asif is busy on another line. I told them to contact me when he is free. After 5 minutes I received a call from Mr. Asif and the reply was to wait for 2 days by which they will be giving an offer on various models regarding the discount they will be offering me.
On 30.08.2010 Mr. Bala of service centre had offered me replacement of TV and now today they are offering me discount on TV which will be advised to me in 2 days. I asked Shri Asif to send me an email to wait for 2 days to get the offer for which he said he will have to contact his senior. I was again put on hold and later told that they will send me email.
08.09.2010 Still waiting for email from customer care which was promised by Mr. Asif. Talked to Shri Bala of local service centre and he was also surprised that nobody has called so far. He also contacted Shri Saini and requested him to talk with me but nobody has contacted today.
09.09.2010 Today at around 10.00 a.m Shri Saini had called and informed that replacement of TV has been approved but since at present they are not having 29” TV in Stock they are unable to provide me with the TV. He asked to give him a weeks time within which he will arrange for another TV or will refund me the amount of TV for purchase of new 29” CRT TV. I asked him to send me mail in this regard and has sent SMS of my mail address also.
15.09.2010 Till date not received any reply

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