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Philips Electronics company / Broken Plasma TV

Newport News, VA, United States Review updated:
I purchased a 50 inch Plasma Philips 1080 TV 24 months ago. Loved it, was very loyal to the company name and product line. Not anymore. On the spur of the moment, the bottom 50% of the picture "digitized, " and is not viewable. It is just pixilated and black. Apparently a board went bad internally. If you check YouTube, one will find it is a common problem for Philips consumers. In each case, the poster tries repeatedly to get any form of empathy from Philips. They refuse to even acknowledge there is any problem. They act as if I am the first person to report this. Clearly, they used an inferior part which breaks down constantly. I cannot believe they treat a lifelong loyal customer in such a callous manner. I initially asked them to cover the repair. Coldly refused and laughed at. Explaining I was a lifelong and loyal customer, I asked for 50% of the repair cost. Again, roundly rejected in a coarse manner. When I asked for a higher review of the casr I was refused. I plead my case afain asking for at least a free diagnosos, since the issue is clearly posted on You Tube, repeatedly. The company claims absolute ignorance. They will not even consider sending me the parts for free. I understand parts fail and the subcontractor is more at fault, but the parent company, the Prime if you will should negotiate in good faith for their "valued" customer. I am shocked at the callousness of both the online and telephone customer service. I understand they only state policy, but offering zero support, concern, or care, not any option whatsoever . . . is just not acceptable for a product I paid well over $2, 300 US dollars for. If it were an $89 analog only TV I wouldn't complain. But $2, 600? Give me a break. I am only buying Samsung, and I will make sure our business does not EVER purchase anything Philips again. You folks don't have a clue of the impact this will have on your bottom line. I am posting this on every consumer board I can find.


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  25th of Feb, 2009
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We have a very similary story. We just purchased a Samsung 46" 1080P LCD TV. The quality is undescribable compared to our P.O.S. Philips. We will never buy anything Philips again. JUNK!
  8th of Mar, 2009
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Phillips/Magnavox uses Samsung Boards. So buying Sammie won't solve your problem. But replacing the YSUS and the 2 buffer boards that go with it will .

Email if you need instructions...


Semper Fi
  5th of Jul, 2009
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My self and my brother purchased a plasma each and both broke down at about the same time!!! We will never purchase another philips item again not even an electric shaver!!!
  8th of Jul, 2009
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I have a Philips plasma
Works just fine
  30th of Jul, 2009
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Looks like my Phillips just took a crap on us. My wife was watching TV & she says she heard it "click" & the whole screen went black. I still have audio, but no image. Anyone experience this?
  31st of Jul, 2009
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I just had the exact same thin happen to me. Audio but no video. Black picture. Does Philips just ignore everyone because they are in financial distress?
  4th of Aug, 2009
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Our Philips 50 inch of only 16 months completely crashed, no power, no video, and no audio sure sounds like a class action law suit to me.
  24th of Jan, 2013
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My son worked for Philips and just got terminated. He is a vet still in the National Guard. He was put on a performance improvement plan after he returned from a 3 week military assignment then just after returning fron a 2 week assignment he was terminated. If the company treats their employees like this how do you think they'll treat their customers? I agree that nobody should buy from this company, especially our vets and their supporters. Mad father

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