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My wife and I went to PLDT Angeles Branch on May 1st (Luckily they were open even during the holiday), we applied for 20 MBPS Fibr Plan + Cable. We just recently moved to a new apartment and knowing PLDT (before this incident) we decided to switch to more reliable internet provider. Surprisingly, we are very pleased that the installation schemes available are bundled with great payment plans- the PLDT rep even offered a FREE Installation. Based on experience and knowing by heart that FREE + Excellent Service are both impossible to achieve here in our country, we decided to get the regular payment scheme for installation. Before we left the office, we even told the rep that the previous tenant of our apartment has an existing Fibr Subscription and has a pending transfer request and we ask, if it is possible to have our connection installed together with previous tenant's transfer request. The rep answered and informed us that should be the case as the previous tenant moved into his new place that is located just beside our compound. The Timeline provided was within 1 week knowing that Fibr connection is already available in the area. But after a few minutes, she added the latest will be 2 weeks but she will expedite the request. (Wow!)

My wife and I are both working as home-based employees, we definitely need a reliable and stable internet connection for our livelihood. A few days after visiting PLDT's office we received a phone call from the same rep who assisted us. She is persuading us to avail of the FREE installation sounding like she is doing us a very big favor. As we just recently moved to our new place and the cash outflow we've been through, PLDT's offer is definitely irresistible.

Since we do not have a connection yet, we made an arrangement with a friend to work in his place for 1 week and my wife and I need to bring our two kids. We work in a small room (bachelor's pad type) and bear the limited space and inconvenience of our kids when sleeping.


On May 13th, a PLDT truck stopped by near our residence and started installing our neighbour's internet connection (our apartment's previous tenant). Out of courtesy and while waiting for our turn, the previous tenant endorsed me to the technician/installer as he knows I also have a pending request. The technician/installer told me "Sir wala po kaming Job Order para sa inyo". I contacted PLDT's customer service line 171 and was informed that my account was created on May 10th and installation should be completed within 6 days after the account has been created. The rep also promised me that he will give an update within the day but never heard back from him. He even offered me to rate a survey, and I told the rep it will be very unpleasant of me to conduct a survey as I am upset.

Called again PLDT customer service on May 15th to follow up and was informed that the PLDT Checking Team has inspected the place and installation should be completed soon. I started to sound very upset as no clear answer was provided but was informed that a request has been sent to the Angeles Branch and I will be updated. This time, I rated the call gave the rep a 9 star as a courtesy but gave PLDT 0 star. The next day, a service recovery rep called me and I thought she is going to help me with my issue but it seems that she is more concerned of the internal process pertaining to the survey to clean up for the mess.

On May 17th, no update has been provided so we decided to record all employee information obtained from the calls we made. At this point, I am already sick due to the stress of waiting and misleading information from PLDT. So my wife decided to call on my behalf and she talk to rep named Tina who disconnected her call. Again, my wife called searching for a resolution on this issue and she talked to customer service supervisor Mark with employee ID (17881) who also disconnected the call. As I saw the frustration on my wife's face, I decided to call instead and talked to Brina (employee ID 5431) who seems to understand the issue and pretended to help but also ended up disconnecting the call. During these incidents no call back attempt/s was made by any rep as a courtesy. Hoping that you will review the call logs on these incidents.

On May 18th, I decided to visit the Angeles Branch and talk to a customer service rep and he let me talked to the overall technician in charge in our area (Ted or Herbert if I was not mistaken) and I was advised as per verbatim "Sir pumunta po kame kahapon nakasara po yung gate? Pero baka mali po yung pinuntahan nila so bukas po babalik sila after lunch na po sir sigurado po yun. Knowing this, I explained that we have 3 tenants in our compound and there is no way we can missed them and they should also call as we have provided several contact numbers. Still I was persuaded to believe that the installation will be completed so I left their office with smile on my face.

On May 19th at 3 pm, my wife and I were both worried as we still haven't received any confirmation about the installation team coming nor noticed anyone knocking on our gate. So I again visited the Angeles Branch and talked to branch supervisor (to my surprise she is the same person who assisted me on May 1st with sweet and misleading information). She then called the overall technician in-charge in the area and advised me that the area no longer has a slot so I may have to wait for a feedback until Sunday. At this point, I wanted to shout and yell at her due this mess and inconvenience but I decided to maintain my composure and asked her within 18 days and with all the follow up I've been through the ultimate resolution you will offer me is a feedback for an available slot? Isn't this should be identified on the date that the inquiry has been made or to be more specific on May 1st? Or probably a week after that but not 18 days?

This process is definitely a joke and should be brought up to PLDT's higher management. With these procedures regardless of how effective your marketing strategies, promotions, and pricing you will definitely end up losing all of majority of your customers. I hope you appreciate the overview of your sales funnel process that I presented. How much more if this is involving customer retention or maintenance?

If you guys are experiencing low sales or lead conversion this is probably the reason.

Account Number: [protected]

To anyone who have a recommendation for any governing body where this issue can be reported please reply to this post. Thanks

May 19, 2017

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