Pfizer / ethics

Dear Sir,

I am Islam NasrAlla one of Pfizer’s employee in Saudi Arabia.I am trapped in Saudi Arabia since 2004 almost 5 years .with completely extorted rights from Pfizer international side. I sent my case to Corporate Compliance and to legal department and I sent all documents regarding the corruption I faced, but they did not helped me or secured me as they claimed in Pfizer blue book . Attached all e mails sent to Pfizer since October 13, 2004.And they gives green light to Pfizer Saudi Arabia through Abdalazez Shaheen (country manager) to do whatever they want on me and my rights, they hold my passport and my residency papers. They are keeping me with my wife and daughter and son in Saudi Arabia without salary or medical insurance since 5 years.They intensely using Saudi’s regulations to violet human rights, as I cannot work with any other sponsor without Pfizer ( or Abdalazez Shaheen )approval and for sure I cannot travel back to my country without my passport.The problem is my children, as my daughter now 6 years old and she should go to school as any chilled in hear age .without residency paper and with no money she will not be able to learn . On other hand, my son is not registered in Saudi government and he has no paper as will .Yes, Pfizer international is engaged in all of that. In 21th century Pfizer is responsible in destruction of families, not by fire them from their gob due to they are comply with fraud blue book but by deprivation them from their life.If you have time please have a lock in attached file you will found Pfizer humiliated face and misery I faced. If you are not interested at this, please forward this e mail to Pfizer legal department, to Pfizer CEO, to human rights watch in your country and/or to any attorney who can help. Thank you Islam Nasralla [protected][protected]

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