Peugeot South (The Glen) / day light robbery

South Africa

I took my vehicle to Peugeot to have it diagnosed of a fault and have it fixed. A Anti-pollution faulty displayed on the dashboard everytime I switched on the engine. They diagnosed the car and I paid R627 for it and had the car fixed and I paid to have it fixed. A week later the same light appeared again and I took the car back today and I was told if they check the car and they find out it's not the same fault they had fixed then they will charge me another R627 for diagnosise. How on earth do they expect me to pay two diagnostic fees within a week of taking my vehicle to them? Have they programmed their machine to detect one fault at a time sothat the customers can back and charge them or do they deliberatetly not fix the faults as indicated by the diagnostic machine again sothat the customers can come back and charge them some more money for diagnosis. Is this a money making scheme they have embarked on? Are they going down and trying to squeeze every possible penny from the poor customers just to save their ###? is this poor workmanship? What's even more appaling and infuriating is that they say the diagnostic machine detects that the catalyst converter is ageing, I took out the catalyst converter about 2 months before I took the car to the dealership and replaced it the silencers, surely the machine detected that the first time around they just didn't mention it. I find it hard to believe that i couldnt be dected.

This doesnt make sense to me none what so ever. Bottom line Peugeot South (The Glen) is ripping off people.

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