Peugeot / car 301 model 2015

I would like to file a complaint
An accident happened in the 2015 Peugeot 301
As a result of the impact, the airbags were opened for the driver and front passenger
First, I want to know whether air pillows should be opened and exploded at the same moment. Because I do not feel safe and protected with a quick blast
Second, the air bag in front of the front passenger opened in the direction of the front windscreen, which led to its breaking with the knowledge that it is supposed to open in the face of the passenger.
This is a mistake in the design and installation that may result in injury to the passenger because he is not protected by the airbag that is responsible for it.
This is a serious error that has consequences that may lead to the death of the frontal chair.
Please tell us what you need to do in this situation.
And set a date to change the pieces required by you and compensation for this error and those losses.


Jan 30, 2018

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