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Peugeot 508 / premature failure for parts

1 Cairo, Egypt

I am Ahmed Emad Rady, Dean of The School of Medicine in Ain Shams University and a 3 months and 16 days owner of a Peugeot 508 car in Egypt. This email is an official complaint about both the bad quality of the car and the unprofessional service provided by your official retailer and service provider: Peugeot CDCM.
After buying the car for 2 months, I noticed the presence of high vibrations on the steering wheel while decelerating from speeds ranging from 120-130 Km/h which made the car unstable and out of control. I called the call center and scheduled maintenance the following week. On the job order I asked them clearly to do a check on the braking system of the car. After an eye inspection for the braking pads and a touch check for the rotors, which is not professional by any mean, they declared that the brakes are perfect and they followed this by doing the 10, 000 Km service for the car.
Three days later I had an unfortunate experience when I used the brakes and the car went completely out of control and the vibrations increased tremendously. I returned back to Peugeot CDCM and asked them to do a PROFESSIONAL test on the braking system which could have resulted in an accident. After the second inspection they said that I have a fatal error in the brakes especially in the wheel hub, which caused a non-circular move of the wheel and was most obvious while breaking. Visual inspection revealed a corroded wheel hub with signs of pitting. After disassembling the wheel components they found out that the bearing supporting the wheel is not working properly and some of its balls were out of place. Consequently, the parts, which needed change, were: wheel hubs, wheel bearings, rotors and pads. After two days of searching for the spare parts I received my car with their oral consent that the car is safe and I can go anywhere safely.
After exactly three hours form taking the car from the service center, I parked my car and when I returned back the gear box jammed on the “Park”. After many trials with “Peugeot Assist” call center, who asked me to remove the cable of the battery for 5 minutes and put it back again and try again, they sent me a technician who removed the cover of the gearbox inside the car and released the shift lock using a long screw driver. I went back to the service center at the same day after 6 hours for the third time in one week.
Yesterday can only be defined as a complete failure in diagnosing the problem and/or fixing it. First they started by removing the “Stop mechanism switch” in charge of releasing the shift lock when pressing the brakes. Afterwards they checked the car’s memory for any recorded errors and they didn’t find any. So they kept checking the electrical system of the car to diagnose this malfunction. Then, the car showed an “ESP error” and the brakes jammed. They then told me that they are checking for errors in the SERVO of the brakes, which showed low flow of brakes oil. Finally, and with the full ignorance of diagnosing the problem, they told me that the new part they added was not working properly so they changed it again and asked me to take the car back with me and try it for a week to check for errors myself.
I am sending you this email to ask you to save your image which has been greatly influenced by this incident; all my colleagues in the school of medicine and family members have decided not to buy any Peugeot cars after seeing what I have been through and to save one of your customers, who always believed in the brand name, from risking his life and the life of all who rides the car with him from a trial and error test for an undiagnosed car.
I officially filed a case against Peugeot in the Consumer Protection Agency in Egypt and another case in the Egyptian court to take corrective actions and to get me either my car money back or to get me a new non-defective one.

Jun 14, 2015

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