Peugeot2015 peugeot 2008 1.6 vti allure

Good Morning, My name is Molatelo Beauty Maake, I Drive the 2018 Peugeot 2008 1.6 VTI Allure, Registration DRF 422 L. I started to experience a problem on the car it was overheating, and it was not starting but switching on. I took the car to Peugeot Polokwane for repair, I received a quantitation to strip the engine and engineering, all the time I was communicating to Marika at Peugeot Polokwane. I paid the deposit to start working on the car.

later I receive a quotation that the engine need to be replace and the problem on the car cannot be fixed. I told Marika that the money they are requesting for the new engine I cannot afford it because with that amount you can buy another car. I requested them to assemble the engine back because o cannot afford the new engine. When I check with them what is the problem with the car they just say they cannot fix the engine, they only replace. but they don't tell me what is the fault on the car.

I ask Marika if they are not going to charge me the storage because by that time I was travelling to Swaziland 22-28 Sep 2018, and she said no. on the 29 Sep 2018 i received a call from the new owner of Peugeot to come and collect the vehicle and i send my brother to collect the vehicle, I was surprised when he said there are car parts at the back, boot car. I spoke to the owner and the person who was working at the car he promise that I must come the following day to collect the car. The following day I drove to Polokwane myself to collect the car, to my surprise the car was still the same, nothing was done on the car. The person who was working at the indicated that the owner stop him when he was busy putting back the parts and informed him that I must pay another money before they can put back the parts.

we argued a long time because I was never told that I must pay before they assemble the car back they way it was. I toughed the car and the engine is still not back. I feel this is not fair for me for what the Peugeot did to me. Now I am paying the car every month and I don't use it. Please repair the car.

Nov 29, 2018

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