PetSmart / poor customer service

Phoenix, AZ, United States
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I purchased several items online from PetSmart and opted for in store pickup. When I arrived at the store to pick up the products, the store manager told that items I ordered were out of stock. Well, thing like that sometimes happen, so I wasn't very upset. I went back home and browsed their website. Then I made another order online, but selected a different store that had those items in stock. When I arrived the same thing happened, no items available. The information on their website is false, they never update it. I just wasted my precious time! Called their customer support service and they just said how sorry they are. They also promised to fix the site. I was told they'll contact me when my items will be available. But they never called me, even when products I wanted were delivered to the stores.

Dec 18, 2015

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