PetSmart / ignorant cashiers unhelpful

Alabaster Alabamaa, United States

I have 5 pets. Each year for their Birthday I take my pet into Petsmart Store and buy them gifts for their Birthday. Today, I was there for my Standard Poodle HOPE, who turned 9 years old today. A customer told me she was there getting her birthday discount. I have a pet smart card, with my address and info, but I have NEVER received in 9 years a Birthday Coupon for any of my 5 pets. Why is this?? I can just as easily get her gifts from Dollar Tree and go to the doggie park and skip petsmart all together for my 5 pets future birthdays... All of the cashiers there stated that they were not knowledgeable about any Birthday Coupons... When I got the customer to say in front of them what she said to me, she held up her phone and said it was sent to her. I have my pet smart card, been a customer for years... Why was none of this explained to me today or any day before? Wendy Cicio

Jul 09, 2016

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