PetSmartexit bath

M Nov 23, 2017

I have brought my dog called Momo to petsmart in Diamond Bar California for boarding from November 19th to November 22nd in the year 2017. Momo is a 12 years old pug. When I check Momo in, I have instructed petsmart's staff that I'll pick Momo up in the evening on November 22nd and I expect that Momo will have his exit bath done and is ready for my pickup. When show up at 6:30am on November 22nd to pick up Momo, I found out that Momo's fur is still wet. Obviously they didn't do a good job in giving my dog the exit bath. They have totally forgot my instructions and they dare to charge me $13 for the exit bath. This is not the first time it happens. I am really disappointed at petsmart service.

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