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I took my dog to the store with me without a leash, since I didn't know it was policy for your store. A manager let my dog approach and she made nice comments about her. A few minutes later we meet again and my 2.8 pound Chihuahua walks up to her, being friendly. The manager yells over at me with a stirn, non-friendly voice "ma'am you need to put your dog on a leash. It's store policy" in front of other costumers. Very demanding. I can see that your manager needs some training in manners and respect towards others. Very disappointed and annoyed by this visit.

Jun 07, 2018
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  • Sh
      Jul 07, 2018

    Well, don’t you think it’s dangerous to have your tiny dog unleashed with other dogs walking around ?Your tiny pup could have gotten under the shelves and eaten something off the floor that another dog with a disease could have been chewing on or attacked by another dog. I’m glad someone told you to leash you dog. I hope you always do and your Chihuahua lives a long heathy life!

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