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I boarded my 2 dogs on Friday, 11/24/17 at Store #0717 in Kentwood, Michigan. The woman at the Petsmart Hotel is wonderful. She knows my 2 dogs and their temperament (I have a 15 year old Boston and an 8 month old rescue) while I haven't been in for over a month. On the way out the door I saw beds on sale for half price. Looked thru the boxes and selected one for my older dog, the puppy destroys anything filled with fiber or a squeaky toy. There were 2 lines open and a group of women together at one checkout lane with no one at the other lane. The store has barricaded going up to the register to have you walk around anticipating a holiday rush. I waited for the group to leave so no one was in line and walked around directly up to the cashier. She told me I had to walk around. I said why? She said she doesn't like someone to cut in line. I said but there's no one in line. She huffed and made nasty sounds, but proceeded to ring up my one item. I was completely checked out before another customer came to check out - still 2 cashiers but only one working. The cashier waiting on me ordered the other cashier to remove one bed in the box I had contemplated buying, saying it wasn't one on sale. She acted as if I had put it there, which I clearly had not. I should have walked out the door without buying the bed. This employee should not be running a cash register as she has no idea what customer service means.

Nov 24, 2017
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  • Ll
      Dec 09, 2017

    Don't be an [censor]. Get over yourself. Just because someone wasn't [censor]ing peachy to you for 15 minutes of your life doesn't mean you need to get your panties in a knot. You probably did cut in line without realizing it and probably put something back in the wrong place too which can be a hassle when there is so much cleaning up to do around a retail store. Grow the [censor] up. Quit being so egocentric. Try to be more understanding of tired, overworked employees. Take some goddamn responsibility because you probably had an attitude too. It's people like you that make retail a living hell. [censor] off.

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  • Se
      Dec 28, 2017

    @Llotie Get over yourself, Seek therapy and a Valium. This response was uncalled for.

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  • Se
      Dec 28, 2017

    @Sean651 Prob should also quit your job, you clearly hate it and are projecting all your immature anger on this person.

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