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PetSmart / I am encountering nonsense and inconvenient delays

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Went to Petsmart to pick up some more canned food for my pooch (Petco does not carry this brand) and some Frontline flea product with the arrival of Spring in mind. Our Petsmart has a Banfield Vet in the back of the store, this is where I found the Frontline hanging on a tabletop circular rack marked "Display Only". My thought, "ugh! making this more difficult for me to buy product", told the girl behind the counter what I needed and this Ordeal Began;

Asked to pay for it there, not at the front of the store with the rest of my purchases, give my personal info (name, add, phone...) when I responded I did not want to be on any more lists, was told it was to print an invoice... (grumble grumble) I pulled out my debit/credit card when she told me the price (knew it was higher by about $5, than my own vets, but I was already there), ran my card as debit, then her phone rang and she was otherwise occupied for the next several minutes occasionally using a condescending tone to the caller, as I stood there waiting for my receipt and product. Yep, this annoyed me - she hung up and announced that my debit card didn't go through and it was because I chose debit and not the credit option. "HUH?!"

I was told I needed to swipe it again and use credit option.

I just wanted to run in to the store and quickly pick up these two things, (fast paced, here in California). Now I am encountering nonsense (in my opinion) and inconvenient delays. Yes, I told her this and left the Banfield counter without flea product hearing her echo "have a nice day' in a sarcastic tone.

At the front of the store, as I paid for the dog food debit card worked fine! I did tell the employee. May be last visit to Petsmart and definitely to a Bandfield.

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  • Gr
      17th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Isn't this old news? I've read this stuff before! Still have the same opinion- the poster is a jerk.

  • Am
      15th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    your problem is with banfield not petsmart. two seperate companies good news for you petsmart not sells frontline and advantage over the counter through the register. so its less inconvenient

  • Lu
      24th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    You act like Banfield was deliberately slowing you down by making you pay there for Frontline. Might be wrong, but didn't that used to be sold by vets only? So of course it was a 'display only' because you'd need to buy it through the vet, not at the Petsmart register. Banfield had nothing to do with that.

    As for her taking a call, what was she supposed to do, let it ring off the hook? It might suck, but not every company can hire a person to strictly work phones. You wanna pay the salary of a reception for Banfield?

  • A1
      14th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    you do realize that petsmart only leases space out to banfield, right? they arent the same company, and do not share the same staff. you shouldn't penalize petsmart for another company's faults ...

  • Do
      10th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    As already stated. Banfield is completely seperate from Petsmart, just a rented space. Also with frontline and advantage now being sold over the counter its no longer FDA approved. The only way it can have an FDA approval is being sold through a vet. Also the receptionist has to answer the phone regardless of who is at the counter, its their Job. The cashier at petsmart would also answer the phone at her register if its ringing even if she was in the middle of ringing out a customer.

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